Friday, March 14, 2008

Penang Malay Protest Vs Indian Hindraf Rose Rally -- See Police Treatment Photos

Photos: Penang Malay Protest Vs Indian Hindraf Rose Rally -- See Police Treatment

How genuine is the Malaysian Indian's complaint of discrimination and police brutalities. Check out these telling photos

Have a look at these photos of the and decide for yourself

March 14 protests in Penang at the KOMTAR area by Penang Malays -- See Police Action (or rather Non-Action)

And compare with the police high handedness here (tear gas, chemical laced water etc)
Feb 18th Hindraf Rose Rally


DIASPORA said...

HINDRAF certainly cannot expect the UMNO Malay Protest in Penang to be treated in equal terms by the Police. That would be suicidal for the Police Chiefs concerned. They are just carrying out their duties lest they end up like Commissioner Ramli - very quickly.

Everyone knows that most persons in the Force may have 'skeletons' in the closet which can be brought out quicker than the blink of the eye. The previous PM had trained all and sundry in this game of watching for skeletons.

HINDRAF knows only too well that BN and UMNO rallies, irrespective of their location, time or size, generally did not need a Police permit. That was the unwritten law which even now pervades the country and that is something that (a) the new Parliament and (b) the full implementation of the Recommendations on the Police Force Commission should be expected to take care of if the debacle of 8th March 2008 is not to be repeated in a more mightier form when the next Election comes along.

Perhaps, the new State Governments and the reduced majority in Parliament are making many minds in BN; UMNO; the Police; the Civil Service, the Local Authorities to have a 'rethink' of their past vulgar and arrogant treatment of the RAKYAT.

So, maybe some time is needed after the 50 long years to change the 'mindset' of all these nincompoops.

The Police should start doing their jobs of policing; controlling traffic; catchimg motor cyclists ignoring traffic laws and vehicle lights; etc; double parlking not only during normal hours but also along temples and mosques and causing immense inconvenience to the general public.

God surely is not going to hear one who has parked his vehicle haphazardly and caused a nuisance to others first because he arrived in the temple or mosquue or surau in time without any consideration for others.

If one thinks so - then God must do something to the emptiness in the heads of these arrogant persons of ill manners.

The Police are, it is understood now asking for 60,000 more personnel. Is it a trick to get more Postal votes? the next time.

Instead of addressing the cause for the rapes, snatch thefts, robberies, shoot outs; cheating, looting etc with the available personeel and satisfying the public that the Police are doing their jobs as expected of them - they conveniently dump the blame on shortage of staff - which of course is the same excuse in the Civil Service, the Local Authorities and related Forces.

The Rakyat is pleased to note that our Rulers in most States are becoming our Saviours and putting their foot down and exerting their role in defence of their subjects against the arrogance and domineering attitude of both BN and some DAP-PKR-PAS politicians.

GOD BLESS THE SULTANS; THE REGENTS; THE REGENCY COUNCIL and THE RAJA OF PERLIS. At last they have found their foot hold against the tyranny of BN and its cohorts.

The Malays - and in fact all Malaysians - supported HINDRAF in some form or other excepting for the Simians( chemical protection uniforms make them look like) and Chemical Alis and their water cannons. All races supported the present set up of the Governments in the States and Parliament.

So, it is time to stop comparing the Chemical laced water cannons that HINDRAF faced so bravely and the manner in which the Police reacted in Penang with those claiming to be UMNO, UMNO; MCA and MIC are already dead fish. So forget them.

DIASPORA said...

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