Monday, March 24, 2008

Time for Malaysia to address minorities' concerns: Hindraf

Time for Malaysia to address minorities' concerns: HINDRAF

Chennai (PTI): Malaysia-based Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF) on Monday said the defeat of Malaysian Indian Congress headed by former minister Datho Samivelu in recent polls, showed that it was time for the Malaysian government to come out with an "affirmative plan" to address the concerns of the minorities.

P Wayda Moorthy, Chairman, HINDRAF, told reporters here that after the elections, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi had said that he would correct some of his mistakes like the crackdown on ethnic Indians.

Moorthy said the Government should announce "concrete, affirmative plan for the Indians."

He also called for repealing of the Internal Security Act under which several HINDRAF activists were detained and demanded their immediate release.

They were detained when HINDRAF organised a rally of ethnic Indians on November 25 last year, demanding equal rights to the community.

Moorthy said the recent MoU proposed by Malaysia offering all rights and facilities to the Indian expatriates and migrant workers was aimed at keeping India quiet.

"Migrant workers from various countries are employed in Malaysia. But, the proposed MoU for Indians alone is aimed at preventing India from taking up with it, the struggle by the ethnic Indians," he said.

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