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Indian achievements in USA, Indian despair in Malaysia

Indian Achievements in the USA vs Malaysia
Tuesday, 26 February 2008
USA: First known immigrant from India was in 1790 as a maritime worker.

MSIA: Earliest contact was more than 1500 years ago. Migration facilitated by the British began in 1786 when the British acquired Penang, Melaka and Singapore.

USA: Indian population is 3% in 2000. That's around 1 million at least. Over 100% growth rate since then, highest in the country.

Msia: 8% in 2007. Dropped from 12% in 1957. Estimated to be 4% in 2057.

USA: Indian Americans have a median income of around $60,000 which is the highest of any national origin group in the United States. This is 25% higher than for all U.S. households.

MSIA: Malaysian Indians poorest in the country. Indians have the lowest per capita income of only about RM 1000 per month when the national per capita income is projected at RM17,741 in the 2006 budget (The Star Online September 30th 2005) This is about 98.3% below the national average. At the ground many ethnic Indian families earning a mearge RM450.00 per month. After 46 years of independence the state has capped the monthly salary of plantation workers at RM325.00 (USD85.00) per month and RM 350.00 (USD92.00) per month for rubber tappers.

USA: 50% of all economy lodges and 35% of all hotels and motels in the U.S. are Indian-owned. 50% of Asian Indians in the U.S. own their own home.

Msia: 30% Indians are living in squatters or on temporary occupation license land. Their squatter colonies are in turn demolished to make way for development with no or little alternative housing. Classical case of poverty leading to further poverty.

USA: One in every 26 Indians in the US is a millionaire, comprising 10% of US millionaires. Merrill Lynch recently revealed that there are nearly 200,000 Indian American millionaires.

Msia: Anandha, Tony, Samy, err...Anandha, Tony, Samy...

USA: Indian Americans have the highest educational qualifications of all national origin groups in the United States. 64% of Indian Americans have a Bachelor's degree or more, compared to 28% nationally. Almost 40% of all Indians have a master's, doctorate or other professional degree, which is five times the national average.

MSIA: University intake for Indians reduced from 20% in 1956 and by about 50% from the over 10% quota in 1970 to 5.2% in 2003. (Note: IF all MARA higher education institutes and overseas scholarships are taken into account the Indians would actually end up having only about 1% of intake into higher education institutions) In 2004 the supposed meritocracy system was introduced but it turned out to be "meritocracy without merits" Hundreds of especially poor ethnic minority Malaysian Indian students were deprived of their basic right to education. Matriculation courses for entry into public universities are almost exclusively for the majority Malay Muslim community.

USA: According to the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, there are close to 41,000 Indian American doctors.

MSIA: Medical seats in the University of Malaya was reduced by 98% from 16 seats in 2001 to only 1 seat in 2003. This in effect means that the almost 1.8 million Indians have to compete for just one (1) medical seat at this university. When they opted to study at affordable Universities overseas, the government in June 2005, in an effort to reduce the number of ethnic Malaysian Indian medical students studying overseas acted in the most hostile manner. The Crimea State medical university's medical degrees were derecognised for dubious and questionable reasons. In an effort to reduce the number of Indian medical doctors most other foreign medical universities with high ethnic Malaysian Indian student enrolment is currently having its status reviewed and is also expected to be derecognised.

USA: 43.6% of Indian Americans are employed in managerial and professional specialties. Technical, sales, and administrative support occupations constitute another 33.2% of the work force. The remaining 23.3% of the population works in other areas, such as operators, fabricators, laborers and precision production.

MSIA: 70% of ethnic Malaysian Indians have degenerated into becoming laborers, Industrial Manual Group (IMG) workers, office boys, security guards, public toilet cleaners, general workers, road sweepers, beggars, squatters, criminals, gangsters etc. Fifty-four (54%) of Malaysian Indians work as plantation or urban underpaid laborers. (Asiaweek 26/1/2002). Only around 25% are professionals.

USA: 40%, only 4 out of 10 Indian immigrants have taken up U.S. citizenship. 75% of Asian Indians were born outside the U.S.A.

Msia: All Malaysian Indians are MALAYSIAN citizens, mostly born in Malaysia.

USA: Political discrimination - On August 11, 2006, Senator George Allen singled out an Indian American political staffer in a crowd by calling him "macaca" and sarcastically saying, "welcome to America." Some members of the Indian American community saw Allen's insult, and the massive backlash that led to Allen losing his re-election bid, as "a cultural turning point" demonstrating the newfound confidence of Indian-born U.S. citizens.

MSIA: Khairy Jamaluddin,"Today is the first time the Umno president's speech is not being read by the masses because a particular ethnic group controls the distribution line of newspapers and they are on holiday.". Jamaluddin Jarjis, "Oh, I am not going to help upper class Indians, I only help to lower class ones. They are the ones that need it." Etc. Etc. Etc.

Statistics courtesy of US Census Bureau,, Hindoe Studenten Forum Nederland

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