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Malaysia's wealth star will continue to shine

Malaysia's wealth star will continue to shine


Hindu astrologer Subramaniam Kandiah (left) predicts that the general
election will be held in early March but feels that it should be
postponed to mid-April; while Tarot card consultant Meetah Kaur sees a
sense of loss and disappointment among the people but predicts efforts
will be made to bring them together

Things don't look to be all that rosy next year but astrologers tell
TAN CHOE CHOE and P. SELVARANI that Malaysia's inherent good fortune
will help it overcome any challenges it may face

As far as race relations are concerned, feng shui consultant Lillian
Too says good sense will prevail and positive energy all round will
unite the people

Chinese astrologer and feng shui master Datuk Yap Cheng Hai predicts
that Malaysia's wealth star will continue to shine brightly next year
AS the clock ticks away the last hours of 2007 tomorrow night, many of
us will be hoping that the new year will be an improvement over the

But will it?

The answer is "no", according to some astrologers, because all of the
elements that had a negative influence on 2007 would still be present
in 2008.

"Clashing elements, missing elements, no lap chun (Spring) -- we'll be
having the same bad signs in 2008 but they'll affect us in a different
way," said astrologer and feng shui consultant Lillian Too.

"It's (going to be) a very weak time," said Chinese astrologer and
feng shui master Datuk Yap Cheng Hai.

But all is not doom and gloom, said Too, because Malaysia was in a
favourable geographic location.

"The West will see more argument and instability but countries in the
East and Southeast will continue to do very well.

"In addition, our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who
was born in the Year of the Rabbit, will be having a very good year.

"So that bodes well for the country."

Yap predicted that Malaysia's wealth star would continue to shine
brightly so there would be money to be made for everyone.

Their predictions were echoed by Hindu astrologer and member of the
Malaysian Astrological Society, Subramaniam Kandiah, who predicts the
year ahead to be a "generally good one".

But, he said, there would be troubled times, especially during the
period before and after the eclipse of the moon (chandra grhanam) on
Feb 21.

"There is a tendency for fights and natural disasters to occur during
this period.

"There will also be more chaos as I see some people will take to the
streets again," said Subramaniam.

The unanimous opinion is that the Barisan National will emerge
victorious again in the general election.

But Subramaniam, who predicted that the general election would be held
in early March during the inauspicious chandra grhanam, advised that
it be postponed until after Hindu New Year on April 14.

Yap also thinks BN would emerge victorious, but warned that it could
lose some 10 per cent of its votes.

"Wood and water-related industries" will, likely, suffer in the coming
year. Publishing, printing, education, textile, fashion and shipping
industries are likely to have a rough time as competition stiffens.

"Foreign investments will be slow but local traders will not be so
badly affected," said Subramaniam.

On the upside, oil prices would start to ease and the US greenback
would stabilise, said Too.

"Fire-related industries such as restaurants, entertainment outlets,
the share market and pubs will enjoy good fortune, and so will metal
industries like mining," said Too.

"Earth-related sectors like construction and property will be average
-- property prices will rise and commodities like rubber and oil palm
will probably maintain its good run from 2007."

Racial relationships would largely be stable, although the astrologers
generally said there would be some hiccups along the way.

Yap said Kuala Lumpur, being in the west of the country where "the
stars of two generals" sit next year, would probably see an increase
in "noise" level in that people would be more argumentative than

Tarot card consultant Meetah Kaur's cards tell her there would be a
sense of loss and disappointment among the people, but there would be
efforts to bring them together.

"Sometimes it seems they are united, but the relationship seems to be
fragile. It looks as if it'll fall apart easily. But the next few
months will see stronger efforts to unite the people and the future
looks bright."

Too feels that good sense would prevail eventually because "the
country has a sound base, the people are generally well-educated and
there's positive energy all around".

While none of the astrologers could guarantee there won't be floods
next year, Too thinks their severity will be "subdued" because 2008 is
the Earth Rat year, "and earth suppresses water".

"(Flooding) is not going to be as bad as this year. But next year,
earth rules, with missing metal and wood elements.

"There's also shortage of fire. But, luckily, Malaysia is in the
southeast and the fire energy will fly to the southeast sector, so
we're ok.

"But I think there'll probably be more occurrence of landslides as the
excess earth, combined with the missing elements will cause much
instability," Too added.

Subra said he did not see any major natural disasters occuring in the
region, but thinks there would be man-made ones such as landslides. He
also predicted a major earthquake in the northwest region of Africa,
where many lives would be lost.

Will Hilary Clinton be the next US president? Yes, said Too and Subramaniam.

"Hilary has the stronger personal chart compared to Barack Obama. Even
if he wins in Iowa, he'll not win the presidential election. Hilary is
the one," said Too.

Subramaniam, meanwhile, said there might be an assassination attempt
on Philippines President Gloria Arroyo.

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