Friday, February 29, 2008

Malaysian coalition warns Indians over protest vote

Malaysian coalition warns Indians over protest vote

Kuala Lampur, Feb 28: Malaysia's ruling coalition today warned the disenchanted minority Indian community that they would "pay the price" if they vote for the opposition in March 8 elections.

The Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), part of the multi-ethnic Barisan Nasional coalition, took out full-page newspaper ads which said Indians' prospects would "disintegrate" if they deserted the government.

The message is aimed at winning back the support of the community, which accuses the government dominated by Muslim Malays of insensitivity and discrimination.

"If you don't vote for MIC, then be prepared to pay the price," it said in bold red letters, urging Indians not to cast a protest vote for the Islamic party PAS, which rules impoverished Kelantan state.

"Vote for PAS and see where Kelantan is today. If you think that you are not progressing under MIC, then you can now imagine getting disintegrated under PAS," it said.

"Samy Vellu is definitely threatening Indians," he told AFP. "This shows that he has lost all of his avenues to woo votes and is flexing his iron muscles to win."

"But the Indians are educated. They are not cowards. They will be not be intimidated by the threats. Indians want their rights that has been denied for 50 years," he added.

Ethnic Indians have become a political force for the first time in the March elections, after an anti- discrimination rally last year that led to the detention without trial of five activists from rights group Hindraf.

Hindraf coordinator R Thanenthiran said the ads were a sign of desperation from MIC chief Samy Vellu, who has been heckled and jeered for supporting the government and condemning the protesters.

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DIASPORA said...

It is not fair to say that BN or the coalition has warned Indians about protest votes. How do they or anyone will know that there are protest votes when all the voting papers are of the same colour and NOTABLY - this time - without Serial Numbers.

The Election is supposed to be free and fair so long as no one steps on the others toe. However to blatantly threaten the Indian voters as the spoil sorts is the height of discourtesy on the part of a very senior and high ranking member of the cabinet.

Recent events and other evidences from long past till now tend to show that the said leader was more a 'runner boy' in the Cabinet whose voice was stifled or that he found it difficult to open his mouth in front of personages like the Tun and Pak Lah or maybe even Najib.

Many of us sincerely feel sad and sorry to see Dato Dr Samy Velu running around all over the country escorted by fleets of Police vehicles and his chorts and being denied the right to be heard and even denied the right to attend functions. during the last remaining days of his political life. He should certainly know that the old days will not come again for him.

That this great man should now come down to such a depraved state steeps of an oncoming mental breakdown and our fear is that he may start playing the Fiddle 'while Roam burns" - as did Emperor Nero of old Rome.

A good leader needs no police escort. No supporters and cohorts around him. Like the great MANDELA and MOHANDAS GHANDI, he should be able to walk free and fair anywhere in this country and the world and be accompanied by the cheers of millions and the tears of millions who had the pleasure to see such a leader. In the case of our Politicians they generally pass away into oblivion with the curse of the masses.

Our leaders are another kettle of fish or sotong. They run around at high speeds escorted by the Police sirens blaring away. Or they feel high and mighty to be treated this way at the disgust of the average citizen.

When their days come to go they become whimpering idiots asking for another chance to sit on the old seat. For what purpose, may we ask. Surely not to serve the rakyat.

Kick ALL of them out and bring back Malaysia to the days of glory of our Beloved Tengku.

It is the duty and right of every citizen to see that this is done in the interests of the country and our future generations.

Such an act would also get rid of the fanatics and Napoleons along with their Josephines who now rule the Civil service, the Schools and the Forces.


Vijay said...

I think Samy Vellu had a chance to show his mettle when he cancelled the official MIC deepavali celebrations to protest the Shah Alam temple destruction. He should have stood his ground and sent a message -- enough is enough.

Rather, in three hours or so he withdrew his decision and chose to toe the UMCO line ... thus is present pitiable situation.

Unknown said...

How come this site's last posting is February? Ran out of steam or staff? Or is it just a roadside devata? Anyway, please take a look at my blog which has plenty of stuff on the TIM issue. Tim? Tamil in Malaysia.