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Am I naive to expect equality in Malaysia?

Am I naive to expect equality in Malaysia?
Malaysian for Equality | Feb 25, 08 4:00pm


A country without equality for all is a country without conscience. For many decades, non-Malay Malaysians have been living amidst the NEP and see the bumiputeras getting scholarships, university places, business licenses, government jobs, etc., that are almost unavailable to non-bumi Malaysians. Non-bumis ask, 'Why is this happening and continuing to happen; are not all Malaysians equal? Non-Malay Malaysians have for decades been unable to explain to their children why the colour of skin matters so much in Malaysia.
Why are colours of skin and names used to separate Malaysians? How can non-bumi Malaysians explain to their children that meritocracy does not count but colour of skin does? Why are there so few bumi Malaysians speaking out against this inequality that has been occurring for almost four decades? I believe the non-bumis thought it will end after a short period of time so they said, 'It is alright. Just tolerate for a few more years'. But it looks like the NEP and Ketuanan Melayu will go on and on. When will this end? Can someone from Umno tell Malaysia when it will end?
I know it is a dream but is it wrong for all Malaysians to dream of equality for all? Is this illegal and morally wrong in Malaysia? Why should Malaysians be arrested under the ISA if they wish to see a Malaysia that upholds equality for all? Why would Malay politicians who champion equality for all like Anwar Ibrahim be branded a 'traitor' by his fellow Malays?
Should not all conscientious bumiputeras support equality for all? Surely, there are poor Malays, Chinese and Indians. We should help them based on income and not implement polices based on the colour of one's skin. Why do politicians from the MCA and MIC not tell their Umno brothers to go for equality and meritocracy? Is equality morally wrong? How can someone from MCA and MIC be elected representatives and not champion equality for all? I do hope they can explain this to their fellow Malaysians.
I really want to know why they are in government and not championing equality. Am I being naVve to expect equality in Malaysia? What is it that I do not know? Is the present situation favoring the bumis crucial for national security? Please educate the non-bumi Malaysians on this.
Why would Umno not uphold equality for all Malaysians? Our country will move by leaps and bounds if we remove the disunity that is being caused by politicians talking about Ketuanan Melayu (or Malay supremacy) and the NEP.
The international and local media keep on painting the picture that Chinese Malaysians control a big portion of the Malaysian economy. Are they behind time or getting the wrong statistics? Perhaps there are a few (only a few) rich Chinese who are lucky to have dominant stakes in Malaysian economy. They are the exceptional few. I get together with my Chinese friends from high school from time to time and they were all good students in secondary school based on their MCE and HSC examinations.
Many could not afford to go to universities and could not get places even though they qualified. None of them are making the big money and many are struggling in their businesses and jobs to making ends meet. Where are the many rich Chinese? Who is really controlling the Malaysian economy today? Is it really the Chinese who are dominant in the economy? I beg to differ.
There are only a few rich Chinese. The rest are struggling to keep afloat as they have to work hard to save and pay for the education of their children overseas or in twinning programmes. How can the majority of Chinese and Indians and their children look forward to the future when Umno will be returned to power with a big majority and Umno leaders will continue to champion Ketuanan Melayu and the NEP so that they can keep their power bases? Meritocracy and equality are unheard of in Umno general assemblies.
Why would so few bumi professionals come forward and support equality when they have studied in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, etc.? Why would championing equality lead to jail for some? Why wouldn't bumi professionals and politicians embrace their fellow Chinese and Indian Malaysians and tell them we are one nation where everyone is equal under the Malaysian sun?
Malaysia will certainly leap to greater heights if all Malaysians go for equality, embrace meritocracy and really implement policies that are not race-based but Malaysian-based. You will see a very strong Malaysia that would be the envy of its neighbors. Malaysians of all races are smart, hard-working, and educated and when they come together and work together, they will create synergies and create more economic growth that will propel our country to great heights.
Malaysians have unfortunately been living under a very strange system for so many decades where equality is not being supported by governmental institutions. Why is that so? Can we allcome forward and support equality for all Malaysians regardless of race, gender, background, religious belief etc? Can divisions and disunity stop? If there are poor Malaysians, by all means help them.
I really look forward to the day when all Malaysians are together as one nation and all Malaysians are indeed equal under the Malaysian sun. As Martin Luther King, said, 'I have a dream'. All Malaysians should strive for this 'equality' dream.

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