Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Najib's apology too late, damage done


Najib's apology too late, damage done
Mohan | Feb 5, 08 3:23pm

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Najib waves stick and offers carrot.
To vote for the BN or not, is our right. No one, including Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, can warn our community not to go against the ruling BN. The BN has had its way for the last 50 years and has failed Indians miserably. It's about time others are given an opportunity to show their capabilities.

Our future, at present, seems better with those who are making true efforts to improve the lives of Indians, rather than those who have evidently and openly marginalised and oppressed the Indians.

The accusations of not using' proper channels', time after time, are absolute lies. If someone in the ruling party had taken an interest in reading the numerous complaints and letters sent to government officials and politicians, the street demonstrations would not have taken place.

On the demolition of temples, Najib said, 'That was wrong on their part. We are sorry for that'. Well, in a country that practices religious sensitivity, this apology comes too late. In fact, the damage has been done.

To date, 'body snatching' is still taking place. Indian students are being abused at national schools, while the government commonly states that there has been a 'misunderstanding.' Tamil school students remain underprivileged and poverty remains evident. Our patience has run out.

The government was lucky the Indians demonstrated in a peaceful manner on Nov 25. For those who had seen the manner of Hindu temple destructions, the heartache and anger of the community would have been understandable.

So Mr Najib, after having done all that and not doing what you (BN) should have done, don't come telling us what to do, let alone warn us.


yatim said...

Dear Indians, pls do not get carried away with last minute peanuts thrown at us by the UMNO led BN Govt. They refused to listen to us all this while. Just brushed us as though we are not importnat to them. They thought like it not the stupid Indians will vote for them, no matter what they to us OR what they don't do to us. This is our time to show them. To show them we the Malaysian Indians know what we are doing. This is the time to teach the UMNO led BN Govt. They should never look down upon us. We are the decider of the winning BN candidates in most places. But we get. Not even peanuts. A Malay can vote for PAS, it is not a crime not a issue. A Chinese can vote DAP, no issue. But an Indian can't vote other than BN. The Malay led BN with the help of MIC have mentally modified the simple Indians thoughts all these years. Let us wake up, tell these scumbugs that we are no more their slaves. We are the citizen of this country. We do not need their hand-outs. We must have our rights restored. This election is the best opportunity to show what we can do. Vote for the opposition. HIDUP HIDRAF. HIDUP AGAMA HINDU. HIDUP KAUM INDIA MALAYSIA.

DIASPORA said...

The present generation of Indians are no more 'Yesterday's fools'.

They know exactly how they are being hood winked and how suddenly everything seems to ba falling into the Indians laps. All these are merely political gimmicks. The UMNOPUTRAS, the MCA PUTRAS, the MICPUTRAS; other political PUTRAS have ONLY THEIR OWN INTERESTS AT HEART. Do not ever forget that.

These PUTRAS enter politics to lie, cheat, squander, rip, loot and ruin this Nation. They do not join politica to SERVE MANKIND. They join politica to self serve themselves. Malaysians are onlt too wise to that. That means even the low level Malay, Chinese, Indians and all the other 'races' that make up this fair country.

All sorts of promises including 70 virgins if possible will be promised until the night the Ballot boxes close. After that everyone is doomed. So fellow Malaysians. GOD has given us another chance. Do NOT let it go. VOTE WISELY for persons who CARE and have COMPASSION for the fellow human beings and most of all the PRIDE AND PRESTIGE of Malaysia.

The time has come to make the fellows at the counters and those in uniform and Chemical Water Cannon shooters that their days are numbered and that it is time that they learned to live and behave like human beings and do not be greedy to loot the country and the poor foreign workers of their wages. What would a Malaysian do in a foreign country if he or she was treated like the way WE MALAYSIANS treat the Indonesians, the Burmese, the Thais, the Bangladeshis etc. Are they too not human beings hangering for a life like the one we are blessed with - without the little Napoleons and Chemical Alis.