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Why Malaysians should join Roses Rally on 16 Feb.

Why you must join hands in the Roses Rally on the 16th of February. Part 1
Sun, 27/01/2008 - 08:04 — naragan
There comes a point in the life of a nation that what was once considered necessary for progress gradually has become shackles and these shackles hold it back from further progress. When such points are reached social movements sprout calling for a rearrangement of the structures and relationships within the structures. History is filled with countless instances of this. Hindraf is another instance.
Hindraf now calls into question the so-called social contract established over 50 years ago between the Malay, Chinese and Indian elite of the time. That social contract has since been hijacked by the UMNOputras – the Malay elite in the name of the Malay community. I say in the name of the Malay community because the true beneficiaries of that social contract are indeed the Malay elite with trickle down to the Malay community to the extent needed for perpetuation of that Malay elite group – the UMNOputras, and in the process keeping the Malaysian polity divided and weak. This is to the utter detriment of Malaysian society as a whole, but clearly in the interest of the UMNOputras.
The result – an ethnically divided society, a neglected and marginalized poor and underclass of whom Indians form a large group, a large chunk of Malaysian society still seeking national pride, a society tapped of vitality with blocks and strictures that take away the incentive to build itself into a progressive nation filled with drive and vigour.
Given the resources of the country there is enough for all citizens of the country, regardless of race, religion or creed . With more equitable distribution and without the polarizing and exclusive policies of the so-called social contract, the Malay community will get whatever it is getting now, plus more, and other communities will get what is due to them as equal citizens of this country. But what is needed is a totally new basis for Malaysian society.
It is this that Hindraf is pursuing.
Of course the path by which Hindraf got there was by taking up the cause of the marginalization of the Indians and the erosion of the rights of Indians as practicing Hindus – culminating in the careless demolition of temples of Hindu worship by the UMNO government. But since, Hindraf has hit upon a very resonating chord within Malaysian society as a whole, that has catapulted them into a vanguard position for the articulation of the need for change.
The very social contract that the UMNO wishes to preserve is the root cause for much of the evils that we experience today – the rampant corruption, an ineffective and corrupt police force, a deteriorating crime situation, a judiciary wracked by scandals, an administration that only wants to disburse the resources of the nation in large projects with very high sounding and wishful goals, the impoverishment of the workers of the country through policies that keep the wages down and the rising prices of basic items.
It is time for change. Hindraf’s objective is to change this state of affairs through the mobilization of the Malaysian citizens to collectively pursue change. Hindraf’s objective is to contribute to creating a nation with more equitable distribution of the opportunities in – education, employment, practice of religion, business opportunities, expression within Malaysian society.
This is reason enough for all of us to join hands in the rally and let the message go through loud and clear WE NEED CHANGE, IT IS OVERTIME FOR CHANGE.

Why we must join hands in the Rally of Roses on the 16th Part 2
Sat, 02/02/2008 - 18:22 — naragan
All Malaysians who want to show that the issues raised by Hindraf is real and that the UMNO led government cannot try to sweep things under the carpet must participate in the Feb 16th Rally of roses.
There are already indications that the UMNO led government is thinking that the Indians have been cowed down after the arrests of the Hindraf leaders. Various self-serving political groups and individuals are also trying to hijack and possibly derail the movement begun by Hindraf.
Should we let it happen?
One way to answer to all these is to gather in even larger numbers on the 16th of Feb , under the HINDRAF banner to get the message across loud and clear. We have to take care of ourselves. We have to do this in our own image. We do not need sharks and vultures to represent us.
This can only happen if all of you out there who are reading this article come out on the 16th of Feb in large numbers from all over the country, to the Parliament building and let it be known what the Indian community really feels.
The organisers of the rally now need to work out a main plan and a contingency plan and let it be known to all, how we are to gather, where to meet., what to do, what the alternative plans are if the Government, again in its paranoia does not allow the gathering to meet or begins to use force against those of us gathered. We have to have a plan not to be provoked and to remain peaceful and only show our feelings by the numbers participating and expressing our solidarity amongst ourselves and with HINDRAF.
United we will stand.

Why we must join hands in the Rally of Roses Part 3
Sun, 03/02/2008 - 07:52 — naragan
Our 5 Hindraf leaders Mr.Uthayakumar, Mr.Manoharan, Mr.Kengadharan, Mr.Ganabthirau and Mr. Vasanthakumar have made great sacrifices of their lives.
How should we all understand this?
As Mr,Uthayakumar finished one of his speeches he sang' Aadi Adangum Valkaiyada, Aaradi Nilamae Sonthamada......."( After all its ups and downs and ins and outs, this life does come to an end...... an end that we all share in 6 feet of this earth.....) Truely moving - coming from someone who has worked on the ground for so many years standing up for the injustices perpetrated by the system.
What is this life about, but about making it more human to live in. This is exactly the point Mr. Uthayakumar is making to all of us, not just in that song, but also in the conduct of his life.
In order to do that, often times we have to have great courage. Courage to speak up against a vast range of forces. But it is a great sin, to speak the truth, the ugly truth. The wrath of the entire system comes back at you, if you so dare to speak the truth. That is exactly what has happened to the 5 leaders. They are put away by the system, to obliterate the truth that they speak. They are demonised hoping that the people they lead will be cowed into submission.
You can lock up 5 people, but can you lock up 50,000 people. If the powers that be do not want to hear it from the 5, let them then hear from the 50,000. The leaders have done their part, now move aside, it is time for us the people to do our part. We have to have the truth heard. Now we absolutely must do it by getting together at the Rally of the Roses.
Just as you all did, in busloads from all over the country, please organise the same thing one more time, let us get together and let it be known that what happened on the 25th of November was only a prelude. it was no flash in the pan, HINDRAF and what it stands for is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored.
United we stand!

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