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How Hindus resisted conversion efforts in Malaysia

Feb 5, 2008

'Hinduism facing challenge of conversion'
Tuesday February 5 2008 07:33 IST

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PATHANAMTHITTA: Head of US-based Siva Ashramam Sadguru Bodhinatha Veylan Swamigal has said that Hinduism is facing the challenge of unethical conversion by other faiths.

Delivering a discourse after inaugurating the Vidhyadhiraja Cultural Centre at the 96th Ayroor-Cherukolppuzha Hindumatha Parishad on the banks of Pampa at Ayroor-Cherukolppuzha near here on Monday, Sadguru Bodhinatha Veylan Swamigal said that a united and organised movement against unethical conversions should be the need of the hour.

“The challenge of conversion is better faced when the Hindus within a country are united,” the Swami said.

“Malaysia provides a good model of a country in which Hindus are effectively united through an umbrella organisation styled Malaysia Hindu Sangham,” the Swami said.

Recently the Sangham organised rallies against conversion. To contain the threat, social service programmes of Hindus extending assistance to other distressed and needy fellow Hindus should be undertaken, Swami Veylan said.

“In every country, there are leaders and movements who encourage Hindus not to work together. Hindus belief in God is only a set up towards the eventful experience of God,” the Swami said.

Hindumatha Mahamandalam president T N Upendranatha Kurup was present on the occasion. T N Ramakrishna Kurup welcomed the gathering. At 3 pm, Swami Atmaswaroopananda and Swami Yuktha Chaithanya delivered discourses.

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DIASPORA said...

What can really be wrong if a person having understood in the inner depths of his soul that another religion is the Religion that he would like to follow and ALL of us leave it to him or her to deal with the Ultimate Source of Divinity.

This is possibly one of the greatest reasons why countries that DO NOT mix religion with the State and are of a SECULAR nature have outstripped all other countries controlled by religious dogmas and leaders who rule by the HOLY BOOKS.

The Holy Books are supposed to be Divine guidance for Man to reach the Divine. But Political Stalwarts - to use it loosely - use the religions to exert political control over the masses whose minds in many countries have already been twisted and twisted that the little children know nothing else except about what has been twisted into their heads. Then they become 'exlosives' to meet the political aims of their masters and die deaths which are unnecessary not only to themselves but to other innocents all around them.

The Arabs and the LTTE have fine tuned 'blowing ' up to the extent that the bloody fools who get blown up along with others are termed "MARTYRS". What did they martyr themselves for. The answer lies in the political aim of the Masters who sit in recluse drinking sweetened tea and GOD knows what else.

Millions of Hindus have been slaughtered during the tide of Muslim invasions of India. Why. Because they refused to convert. A good HINDU will never convert. He may convert for political purposes but in his heart HE will live and die a Hindu. That is something those trying to cionvert should know.

I was educated in a Christian school from age 6 to age 16. I attended Chapel services every Friday. I attended Sunday schools on Christianity. I believe that there was a great person of COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS we know as Jesus the Christ. I pray to him too when I have reason or no reason. I have a picture of him along with Hindu Gods in my house and the office. But, I still am a Hindu. Why. Because it is the oldest known religion on Earth with no Leader. It could be over a million years old according to some Gnanis and Seers. It contains all the essence of life - mainly NON VIOLENCE; SERVICE; COMPASSION and LOVE. Why should I need another religion which finds problems in offering these traits.

God had a reason for me to be born a Hindu. If he had other designs for me, he would have decided accordingly. So why should I go against GOD and convert to any religion which may not be in keeping with my beliefs of Non Violence, Compassion, SERVICE, and LOVE