Monday, February 18, 2008

Rally in Los Angeles, USA to defend Hindu human rights in Malaysia

Press Statement (17 Feb. 2008)from Malaysian Indians in USA (California)

We, a group of concerned Malaysian Indians residing in California, held a peaceful rally in front of the Consulate General of Malaysia, Los Angeles, on February 16, 2008 from 10am to 2pm to protest the following issues:
1. To demand equal rights for the minority Malaysian Indians
2. To demand the Malaysian government immediately stops the demolition of Hindu temples
3. To demand that the Malaysian government immediately release Mr. Uthayakumar, Mr. Manoharan, Mr. Ganabathirau, Mr. Kengadharan and Mr. Vasanthakumar.
The rally was a complete success with about 50 people attending. The participants comprised of people from all walks of life, and included Dr. Mihir Meghani, the president of the Hindu American Foundation, who came together to show solidarity with our Malaysian Indian brothers and sisters.
We were saddened to hear of the high-handed and brutal action of the Malaysian police in the arrest of the Malaysian Indians participating in the Roses Rally held in Kuala Lumpur on February 16, 2008. We condemn the arrogance of the police in using violence to suppress an unarmed, innocent and peaceful gathering who were there to do nothing more than show their love for the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Such action is unbecoming of a civilized nation or practioners of Islam Hadhari. We call upon the international community to censure the Malaysian government for the use of excessive force.
In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants of this rally for their kind attendance and enthusiastic support. I also would like to personally thank Dr. Meghani and the Hindu American Foundation for their strong support of the Malaysian Indian cause. Lastly, I again call upon the Malaysian government to fulfill our three demands immediately.
Bhuvan Govindasamy
February 17, 2008.

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