Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Malaysian Indians to defy police ban to stage rally in Malaysia

Ethnic Indians to stage rally in Malaysia
13 Feb 2008, 1923 hrs IST,PTI

KUALA LUMPUR: Ethnic Indian activists in Malaysia on Wednesday pledged to defy a police ban on their proposed rally outside Parliament here on Saturday to seek release of five detained leaders of a Hindu rights group complaining of racial inequality.

"We have applied for a permit to gather outside Parliament but have not heard from the police... Irrespective of things we intend to assemble peacefully outside Parliament on February 16," Sunderan, the adviser of the non-governmental Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), said.

Police have, meanwhile, refused to grant them permission to gather outside Parliament, which was dissolved by Premier Abdullah Badawi on Wednesday, as Hindraf is not a registered body.

Hindraf Chairman Wayathamoorthy's daughter and some other children also planned to walk to Parliament and present Abdullah with roses and a note appealing for release of the Hindraf leaders detained under the controversial Internal Security Act after they organised a rally of over 20,000 ethnic Indians in November last year.

Five-year-old Vaishnnavi has already written to Abdullah asking him to be present to receive the roses, a part of the Valentine Flower Campaign by Hindraf which has been leading a campaign against alleged marginalisation of ethnic Indians.

The girl had also written to the Malaysian Human Rights Commission chief and Penang Chief Minister to accompany her to Parliament "to protect her from any violence from police."

"It is our right to assemble peacefully," Surendran said adding 10,000 people are expected to attend the weekend rally. Several supporters would be coming from outside Kuala Lumpur.

Surendran said they did not know if Abdullah would come to receive the flowers from the children. "There has been complete silence from their end."

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DIASPORA said...

It may work two ways.

One, would show that the PM and BN are running scared.

TWO. more importantly will do a great deal of good to soothe the wounds that presage the National Elections if the PM himself were to walk down personally and receive the flowers from the little girl and in that simple process wipe out all the agony, hatred and anti BN feelings that now permeate the country. It will be a sign of great GRACE on the part of the PM to carry out this gesture. He would win all the marginalised groups to HIS side of thinking and in the process probable make the Elections a less virulent affair.

For GOD's sake - keep the Police out of this affair. This is a peaceful walk by concerned people and the Chemical Ali's may just be itching to prove their sadistic brutality again and be greatly pleased with the harm they have done again little forgetting that this may drive the more people to the OPPOSITION for no reason at all.