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Appeal to PM of Malaysia from Uthayakumar's mother

Uthayakumar’s mother appeal to PM

By hindrafinternational

K. Kalaivaniy

30/1226 Lorong Belatek 7/2

Batu 3 Jalan Rasah


Negeri Sembilan

15th April 2008.

Y.A.B. Dato Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi

Prime Minister of Malaysia


Dear YAB,





I am the 64-year-old mother of P.Uthayakumar who now suffers silent death in the lock up of Kamunting Detention Centre Taiping.

On the 8th April 2008 my son who is being detained under the much-criticised Internal Security Act since 13th December 2008 was admitted to the Taiping Hospital for high blood sugar as a result of being denied diabetes medication for more than 1 month. Upon admission his blood sugar level was 18.8 (normal being 6). His protein and uric acid level was also very high.

Upon examination the doctor who treated Uthayakumar had told him that his heart muscles were damaged but needed an Eco cardiogram to confirm this. However due to severe lack of facilities at the Taiping Hospital, he was given 28th of April 2008 for the said tests.

I also verily believe that my son’s other organs especially kidney and liver are equally affected but there is an attempt to cover this up by the Hospital and Prison Authorities. Despite our request the Hospital does not wish to divulge with matters concerning his health on grounds he is a detainee and that they have instructions from the “top” not to reveal anything.

What disheartened me further was the need to prematurely discharge Uthayakumar from hospital 2 days later despite his glucose level at 13.5 and upon discharge he was again deliberately denied his medication for more than 20 hours. To make matters worse he was deliberately served diet with high sugar content despite his objections and compelled to consume the above-mentioned unhealthy food.

My son complains of reduced vision in eyes, weakness and discomfort heart. I am advised and belief he is suffering a silent heart attack as a result of his health condition.

I belief the Prison authorities under “mysterious instructions” are deliberately ignoring his medical needs and diet to accelerate/worsen his medical condition so that he would suffer severe health conditions.

The conducts of prison authorities are scandalous and I have lost confidence on them and the Home Minister who remains silent on the issue.

I fear for the life, safety and health of my son.

I earnestly believe that there is a silent agenda to “inflict” and cause serious harm upon my son, as diabetes is known to be silent killer.

As an old aged mother I can’t bear to see my son silently dying in the prison and make this appeal to you directly to help facilitate the immediate transfer of my son to the National Heart Institute or a private hospital of my choice so that I could help my son undergo his medical needs, treatment and care.

I am not an educated person but from what I have read in the Tamil dailies, you have always assured all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion that you are a caring Prime Minister. My son is silently dying and there appears to be attempt and conspiracy to inflict harm on him.

I appeal to you as a compassionate Prime Minister to immediately instruct the prison authorities to liase with me to facilitate Uthayakumar’s immediate transfer to a private hospital. I am willing to bear the cost of private medical treatment on my son and do not wish to burden the state with unnecessary medical bills.

I also appeal to you Mr. Prime Minister to immediately and unconditionally release all 5 HINDRAF leaders currently detained as they only acted as messengers of truth to bring to your attention the sufferings of the ethnic Indian minority community in Malaysia. It is a known fact that post November 25th has opened up the eyes of Malaysians of all races of the Indian community plight.

I also noted and admired your humbleness when upon severe defeat at the recently concluded elections you had openly admitted your mistakes and had promised to make changes, which actually touched millions of fair-minded hearts in Malaysia. The people on the ground do not believe the Intelligence reports that the 5 are a national threat and I am certainly sure by now you would have obtained independent advise and realise you had been given wrong reports pertaining to the genuine struggle of HINDRAF.

My sons and hundreds of thousands other Malaysian Indians are born post independence and they think Malaysian. As Malaysians, none can blame them for seeking equality, fairness and justice as they rightly feel Malaysian. The country is progressing and so are the people, so let us allow legitimate voices of democracy.

I appeal to you Mr. Prime Minister as a father to this nation to exercise compassion and fairness to all your “children”. The families of the 5 are suffering daily. They shed tears daily unable to explain to their young children why their fathers who spoke the truth are incarcerated. Their young children suffer psychological scars as a result of being denied the love and care of their fathers.

Mr. Prime Minister I beg you to immediately release them on humanitarian grounds and let the whole Malaysia proudly say we have a Prime Minister who is caring, fair and exercises wisdom.

Yours faithfully


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