Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hindraf lodges report against Islamic info officer Maligning Hinduism

Hindraf lodges report against Islamic info officer Maligning Hinduism


Wednesday April 9, 2008
Hindraf lodges report against info officer

PENANG: A police report has been lodged against an Islamic Information and Services Foundation officer for allegedly condemning Hinduism during a recent closed-door ceramah in Alor Star, Kedah.

Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) co-ordinator R.S. Thanenthiran said the ceramah was recorded and 11 clips were uploaded onto YouTube.

"We did our own checks and discovered that he had also put down other religions.

"He should stop before he causes religious unrest in our peaceful country," Thanenthiran said yesterday.

A police spokesman said they would investigate the report which was lodged at the Patani Road police station yesterday afternoon.

In Malacca, several Indian non-governmental groups and an individual have lodged police reports against the manager of a company in Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur, over alleged derogatory remarks made by him against Hinduism.

Malacca Hindu Sangam leaders of the Kota Melaka, Bukit Katil, Tangga Batu and Jasin MIC divisions, including an individual, lodged the report at the Central Malacca police station yesterday.

In their report, they claimed that the culprit had been making derogatory remarks in talks and in a website about Hinduism over the last several years.

His remarks are also on YouTube.

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DIASPORA said...

It is said that Hinduism in its essence forbids the eatimng of meat or cadavers of dead animals. The human body is not the grave yard for dead animals. That is what has become of most humans these days when one tends to look at the Golden Age of yore.

Animal eaters carry animal instincts in them irrespective of what religion they claim to come from. Hence if men or women, claiming to be gighly evolved religious souls, pass unwarranted remarks it only tends to project their animalistic instincts and NOT their religious instincts.

Such beings should be dealt with at the same level as mad dogs and be ignored as such. What is the point of making police reports when the police, prosecutor and judge would all come from the same grouping mentioned above.