Monday, April 14, 2008

Hindraf Uthayakumar's medical condition dangerous: Malaysia govt. should stop playing with his life.

Uthayakumar's medical condition dangerous

P Ramakrishnan | Apr 14, 08 4:43pm

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Hindraf worried for Uthayakumar's health.

Aliran is shocked to learn that Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar who is under ISA detention is being treated inhumanely. We find it difficult to believe that a country that has exalted the virtues of Islam Hadari could be so callous in the treatment of a human being - which is hard to believe or accept.

Uthayakumar, who is diabetic, has been wickedly denied his daily medication even though the Kamunting detention authorities had been informed of his health problems. His fiancee S Indradevi had also handed Uthayakumar's medication to the Kamunting Detention Centre's administration in the belief that it would be handed over to him. But this had not happened. She reportedly said that he had written six letters previously to the prison's director but the director did not respond in any way. The medicines were prescribed by a doctor in January.

As a result of this gross negligence and wanton cruelty, Uthayakumar had fallen ill and had to be hospitalised. His diabetic reading was 18.8 - something that is worrying. If he does not receive his regular medication, he can be subjected to various related illnesses associated with diabetes. His kidneys may be affected and his eye sight may be in danger - just to mention a few ailments related to diabetes. We also understand that his protein and uric levels are dangerously high.

His medical condition would require him to go on a strict diet but this doesn't seem to be the concern of the Kamunting authorities. They do not seem to take responsibility for the welfare of a detainee under their care. His younger brother was reported as saying that despite his condition he was forced to consume food which was high in sugar and starch.

Aliran wishes to emphasise that a detainee does not forfeit his right to medical care under whatever circumstance. As a human being, he is entitled to receive medical attention like any other Malaysian. And his family has a right to be notified when a detainee is hospitalised. This is something very basic in a civilised society.

Kamunting authorities need to be given an urgent course on human decency so that they will react as human beings and treat others under their care with dignity and compassion. So far their conduct has been disgraceful, deserving condemnation from the civilised international community.

The writer is president, Aliran.

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