Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fitna video vs. video of Malaysian muslim convert pouring hatred on Hinduism

Fitna Video vs Video of Malaysian Muslim convert pouring hatred on Hinduism

You decide whether what is said in the Fitna video is right or wrong

View the Fitna video here

The venomous video on Hinduisn by an Malaysian Indian muslim (In Malay language)

Whereas Malaysian religious council slams Fitna video as insult to Islam and the former prime minister Mahathir has called for for boycott of Dutch products.

But the same people propagate hatred towards other religions in their own back yard.
A Mr Shah Kirit Bin Kakulal Govindji also known as Shah Kirit Kumar Da'wa , Officer of IIS is propagating hatred towards Hinduism in the video here

His personal blog is here: personal blog http://www.shahkirit.com/

So Fitna appears to be justified. Muslims have no respect for other religions.

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