Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fasting Hindraf leader Uthayakumar's health deteriorating

11:40 PM 30 Jan. 2008

I received the following message from a Malaysian contact.

> This inhumanly treatment of MR UTHAYAKUMAR isn't helping to make > the already bad situation both domestically and internationally any > better. Pls use your influence to convince and drive some sanity into > relevant authorities to stop this non-sensical and barbaric treatment to > a person who is yet to be proven "guilty" for whatever charges framed on > him ! We all want peace and this isn't the way to go about achieving it. > In fact, I dread to think of the consequence if anything untoward > happens to MR UTHAYAKUMAR whilst under this unlawful detention. I > desperately appeal to you once again to do something which I'm sure you > can.God Bless our beloved country.

> I have just received information from my family members who met > Uthayakumar at Taiping Hospital that his condition is quite bad.
> He had severe stomach and abdominal pain. He is warded at ward 12 C of > Taiping Hospital.
> His right hand is handcuffed to the bed which is absolutely > ridiculous. He is not a common criminal. He is also tightly guarded by 4> prison security officials at all times.
> I am told that his potassium level is very high and has been warned> that he may suffer a heart attack. He is now on drips.
> Uthayakumar has urged all HINDRAF supporters to continue with their> peaceful struggle and our legitimate demands for the rights of the> ethnic minority Indian community.
> currently in London

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DIASPORA said...

It is a sad day for one to think that by placing Uthayakumar in the Detention Camp meant for real time terrorists and murderers whom the Police are UNABLE to convict becuase of the inability to fix proper charges against them, the Powers That Be have gone back to the old age remedy of the British and followed by our erstwhile PMs to place people who are a thorn in their sides into unapproachable stink holes.

Fasting to death is an age old tradition for the Indians. It can or could lead to extreme situations unimaginable. How many times did Nehru have to plead with Ghandi to stop his fasts.

There is madness hanging like a mantle over Malaysia. Everyone seems to be mad. Even the Police have become brutal. They are already equalising the famous CHEMICAL ALI of Iraqui fame to use high doses of chemicals in the water cannons. Next there is the possibility of chemical gases in cannisters instead of tear gas.

Oh, Dear. what is Malaysia coming to. Did the old coot know that all these are going to happen when He handed over the Premiership to one who would not have been able 'to hold the running steeds." The quandry that Malaysia is in today cannot and should not be placed on the head of our PM. He is a victim of circumstances for having unwittingly taken over the post of PM. The real damages in amending the Constitution; giving false hopes to the UMNOPUTRAS and the Bumiputras ( how do you say one is bumiputra when you look at him in the dark ) and messing one of the world's finest judiciary are some of the clear messes for which all Malaysians are now paying for.

People like Uthayakumar cannot be left to die. the non Indians should understand that. There could be greater dangers ahead if the situation overall is allowed to deteriorate.