Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hindraf and Malay community

Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Hindraf and Malay Community

I was interviewed by a reporter from Singapore Straits Times yesterday on the possibility of releasing the 5 Hindraf leaders from ISA detention. She suggested that PM may not want to do because the decision to release them may 'anger' the Malay community.

Quoted in the article:

Observers say the government risks continued Indian anger if the Hindraf chiefs are not freed, but it could lose Malay votes for being soft on street 'troublemakers' if they are. (This is not my stand.)

'What the government needs to do is to allow for the rule of law and give them a fair trial. If they cannot pinpoint a particular offence, they should be released,' said political analyst Khoo Kay Peng.

Hindraf is seen negatively by Malays because it pushes for equal rights.

I disagreed with her suggestion. It is without a doubt the government is not above the law and the same goes to any community. It is not for the Malay community to decide if the 5 Hindraf leaders should be detained without trial or not.

What is abvious the police must charge the detainees in court as soon as possible so that justice can be meted out. However, we do not see this forthcoming. Hence, the government is wrong to insist that the leaders have terrorist links and are a danger to the society. A government who can put people behind bars without the need for solid evidence is more dangerous.

The Malay community should not be dragged into this issue. UMNO and the Malay community are not synonymous. I have met some Malay students in London who are quite sympathetic to the cause of the Indian community. Not all Malays are against equal rights. A Malay friend who works as a special officer to one of UMNO top leaders told me, "The problem with us Malays is the ketuanan issue."

It is time we view this issue through a non-racial lenses.


DIASPORA said...

Cowards and Looters of Public Funds 'Die many times before their Death." It is the coward that is not prepared to meet the opinion of the rakyat that uses instruments like the ISA and Press Control Acts to silence any opposition whilst they go on looting and raping the country and its wealth. The 'Elite' of one community alone has already looted more than what the British, Dutch and Portuguese Colonialists would have looted from this country.

If you are "MEN" of VALOUR; DIGNITY and HONESTY IN PURPOSE - wipe off these ludicrous and antiquated laws and face your Rakyat as true Rulers in Power would do.

Why must you act like the Burmese Generals; Mugabe; Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein and the ilk to perpetuate yourselves in power in the face of the 'curses' of your fellow citizens.

How long will the loot that you have so far amassed by and through every devious means going to last you and your future generations. All one can say is that KARMA is swift. You will see it before your own Deaths right in front of your eyes affecting you, your children and your generations to follow. And WE petty citizens will watch and wonder as to why such sufferings must befall you. It is the HIDDEN HAND that will do all these to you all.

Look at our Ministers and leaders groaning and lying in Hospitals and slowly dying of heart diseases, cancer, etc and be forewarned of your own future. Look at SUHARTO. Even DEATH DOES NOT WANT HIM. He is such filth that mother Earth prefers not to add him into her bowels.

So will many Malaysians be.

waytha said...

The UMNO led ruling government knew that the Indian Government is watching.

The UMNO led BN government knew that they cannot go against the 1.2billion indians worldwide.

BN will seek a compromise with Hindraf before election.