Sunday, January 27, 2008

No 'Hindu' in Govt. application form in Malaysia

No ‘Hindu’ in Gov application form
Posted by Mahendran on Jan 26, 2008
Was uploading videos of hunger strike when this email came. A lain-lain email.

Name: Vivaganth S
Subject: JPPKK ( online form “Hindu” columm missing ) - where missing Indian in Malaysia??????

Good Days All,

I just check to apply online for further my studies through JPPKK (Jabatan Pengajian Politeknik & Kolej Komuniti ) ” Tawaran Biasiswa SKIM Latihan Tenaga Pengajar Politeknik dan Kolej Komuniti untuk kursus Ijazah Pertama di Universiti Luar Negara UK/Australia/New Zealand sesi 2008/2009″ , but I feel frustrated with government once i access it.

Previuos day, all document or forms we can find on the race columm ( Islam , Buddha , Hindu, Lain-Lain ), But now 2008 ( Islam,Buddha,Kristian & Lain-Lain ), where gone Hindu????

We Malaysian Indian don’t have oppurtunity to study overseas through JPPKK???

Ministry of Education need answer us……

Indian marginalization still continue… Malaysia.


A check with their website confirms the absence of “Hindu” in the religion form. The scholarship deadline was extended till 25th January, yesterday.


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DIASPORA said...

It is good that the Government has seen it proper to take HINDU out of the form. In fact it should take out ALL religions and race from all the forms and Government documents.

We are Malaysians and citizens of a SECULAR Malaysia. So why should there be all this hassle for race and religion.

The JOKE is that even PIZZA HUT is asking for race and religion before selling pizza hut to customers. Some say that even KFC and McDonalds do not allow HARAM people to work in their kitchen.
So why patronise these joints if what is being circulated is true ?

The latest rumour is that a boy or boys in ACS Ipoh was/were told to cut off the string tied around their wrists by one Kamaruddin because they are equipments of SAIYTAN.

To what extent can all these madness go to. Are Malaysians getting mad. Is the CIA poisoning our water to make us all go psycho a bit. Maybe.