Sunday, January 13, 2008

Malaysian Indian dilemma 6 videoclips and Badawi is unconcerned


The total unconcern attitude by the Malaysian government led by the Barisan Nasional coalition towards the Malaysian Indians is exploding to greater heights day by day. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's attitude towards the plight of Malaysian Indians seems to be a sort of unconcerning since nothing concrete and firm have been pipe lined. There has been no news about any concerted plans implemented or about to be implemented have been announced so far. The only thing that seems to have taken place is Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu and his MIC have printed a colourful book to show that Malaysian Indians are not what has been pictured and are a happy lot. But contrary to this, there is a video clip that highlights a different and untold sentiment story(as presented below) of the plights of Indian in Malaysia.

Malaysian Indian dilemma 1/6

Malaysian Indian dilemma 2/6

Malaysian Indian dilemma 3/6

Malaysian Indian dilemma 4/6

Malaysian Indian dilemma 5/6

Malaysian Indian dilemma 6/6

These video clips reveal how the Malaysian authorities have neglected their call for assistance from demolition of Indian temples, educations and many others that they the Indians feel that an unkept promise that were made just to buy votes during the last few general elections.

The latest events reveal that this community is not going to undue itself to any pressure until and unless the government looks into and does what they want to be done to protect their community from being marginalised further.

It was reported recently that 10,000 roses would be delivered to PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi by the Indian community on February 16, 2008, just two days after Valentine's Day.

A meeting was held last night in London to have a protest march on February 1, 2008 and subsequently to present a Petition to the British Government and Foreign Office expressing the plights of the Malaysian Indians and to pressure the Malaysian government to settle these unsettled matters immediately.

Its had been noted that various events are scheduled to happen throughout the world to seek international attention on their issue. It is going to tarnish the good name and reputation of Malaysia in the international world and may affect many services that Malaysia is current relying upon.

Whatever been done, it is felt that the Malaysian Indians have given ample opportunity to the Malaysian government to amend their attitude towards the Indian community and failure by them to look and address these matters have created this EXPLOSION OF THIS TIME-BOMB and no one is to be blamed except themselves (BN coalition government).

The next general election will be very detrimental to the Barisan Nasional coalition if nothing is forthcoming.

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DIASPORA said...

The 'TUBES' have been circulated all over India and Sri Lanka and to countries all over the world where the Indian diaspora now works and lives. The videos have given a very unsightly picture of Malaysia with Unarmed citizens being battered by fully armoured men from the uniformed forces.

Someone passed a remark that the men in the Uniformed forces look like 'Scenes from "THE PLANET OF THE APES" because the attire and the protective suits make the wearers look like the SIMIANS in that film.

Continuing to circulate the videos is not in the best interests of Malaysians as a whole. Every call that comes from overseas or Email asks the same question. "Is it safe to visit Malaysia". We may have lost potential tourists and visitors because of this image problem.

Now the enquiries have turned to Tun Dr Mahathir who is on the FRONT PAGES after having been blacked out for such a long time. People are going to look at him and hear him and read every word he says. This may or may not be good for the forthcoming elections depending on how things go with the Royal Commission and what is given as testimony therein. It is going to give certain personalities the chance to 'plant' so many things that the public never knew or cared about so far.