Sunday, January 27, 2008

MIC's fall, only a matter of time

MIC's decline and fall only a matter of time
New Malaysian | Jan 25, 08 3:51pm

Bereft of dignified humility, S Samy Vellu , the estranged MIC autocratic leader, seems to be displaying the death-pangs symptoms of the MIC, a party that has progressively forsaken its true reason for existence.

Clinging on to power through money and threat tactics, today the wealthy, arrogant 71-year-old is trying to hoodwink the servile Indians into believing his words that all is well in MIC.

He seems to work against the tide in trying to confront the natural degeneration of the MIC, a process that is fast gaining momentum powered by destructive corruption and an immoral culture largely introduced by Samy Vellu.

A culture to hoodwink the people through propaganda and threats while plundering as much as you can. This is the type of party he is championing. This irresponsible leader, threatened by the fear of being thrown into jail if he falls our of power, is now using the last vestiges of his power to survive the onslaught of the people's opinion.

MIC's decline and fall is only a matter of time. The seeds of the destructive forces, planted through heavy corruption, cannot be stopped from germinating. Sooner or later, the destructive effects, as a natural process, will finally destroy anything that works against virtue.

The MIC is bankrupt of virtue and it will now naturally decay. The people must understand this and dump the MIC, because that is the way of providence.

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multidimid said...

Samy Vellu is a harassed, angry and troubled man these days. Not only is he on overdrive and overworking himself, he might suffer a collapse & expired himself out even before he had the chance to contest in his Sungai Siput constituency. If he survived, then it would be his last stand and an ignominious and inglorious defeat to cap 34 years in Sungai Siput.
Not only are the opposition parties nibbling at him over the erosion of Indians support for him, he has told off other BN component parties to “hand off” his Indian problems" and not to “break the pot” which is already cracked (see in the Video Clip).
After the “evening with the PM” last Sunday, he has to ask the lady Sport Minister to ask the Indian Youths to continue supporting the fading Samy Vellu . He received a memo on Problems faced by Indian Youths prepared by Malaysian Indians Youth Foundation – a coalition of Indian Youth Bodies. See the Bernam report below, they can’t give him one line of credit on this Memo. Enough memos have been submitted and the problems are already well documented. It was another BN project to shore up his declining influence in the Indians community. Enough is enough after 34 years
More details, pics & video clip
Go H E R E
SAMY Last Stand & Exit from Sungai Siput? –