Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The other face of islamist Malaysia

Mayhem in Malaysia – The World's Greatest Masquerade

Malaysia is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia. According to recent reports, much of its success stems from the new Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who, when he came to power, vowed to clamp down on corruption by giving greater authority to anti-corruption agencies. The future economy of Malaysia looked set to gather momentum while, according to OSK Investment Research, its GDP increased from 5.9% in 2006 to 6.2% in 2007. Currently, the United States ranks number one in foreign direct investment (FDI) in Malaysia, while Malaysia ranks tenth in FDI in the United States, which is more than countries like Brazil.
Malaysia caught the interest of western companies seeking to cash in on this exciting market and benefit from a combination of quality labour at a more affordable cost. Expatriates flocked to seek out their own fortune by offering their skills and expertise. With a rising Middle Class of Asian workers and business people, they expected and looked for a comfortable lifestyle. As a result, new offices, residential towers and luxury shopping complexes sprouted up throughout Malaysia.
But as investors and expatriates enjoy their wine, or chat with colleagues; they are oblivious to the spiteful eyes, covered bruises, and internal dialogues, which surround them. People only see what they want to see, but the ugly truth is slowly rising to the surface, as evidenced this December by the recent redeployment of the Internal Security Act (ISA) to potentially detain protesters indefinitely.
Malaysia is a country in the grip of a brutal system of acute racism at the hands of Islamic extremists who's hidden agenda is to destroy Israel and its Zionist leaders with the backing of other extremist nations and groups.Malaysia hidden agenda is to destroy Israel and it's Zionist leaders with the backing of radical Islam groups with strong associations with Iran,Palestine Hezbollah,Chechen terrorist from Soviet Union,Syria because Malaysia is the Chair country for the Organization for the Islamic countries Words about anti-corruption are spoken, but when those speaking the words are the purveyors of corruption, what can be done? Who speaks the truth?
A further benefit stems from Malaysia's reputation for cultural diversity. Its population of 25 million is composed of 60% Muslim Malays as well as 22% Chinese and 8% Indians who began migrating in the early nineteenth century. To outsiders and foreign investors, Malaysia's economy is on a strong footing and the diverse Malaysian population seems set to keep the momentum going.
However, bubbling beneath this public facade of peace and prosperity lurks a sordid and nefarious undertone. Malaysia is a country in the grip of a brutal system of acute racism at the hands of Islamic extremists who are in the majority in Malaysia. Add to this the shocking statistic that Indian criminals perpetrate approximately 70% of the murders in Malaysia and the fact that the Chinese are involved in a variety of illegal activities and you get some idea of the anarchy that exists behind the scenes. The minority Christian Eurasians are increasingly under threat from a violent xenophobic regime intent on annihilating non-Muslims from Malaysian society.

One person who claims to have personally suffered at the hands of the Muslim extremists is Arthur Samuel. "Eurasians and Christians are constantly being victimized and brutally suppressed. I was beaten up so badly that now I suffer from amnesia and blurred vision, headaches and dizziness." He believes it is because he is a Eurasian, one of the minority races which resulted from the mixed marriages between the many people who settled in Malaysia 400 years ago and who now number approximately 10,000.
Arthur Samuel's stay has been perilous in the extreme. He is constantly forced to watch his back from further attacks from public officials or racial extremists. According to Samuel, there is no hope for his country and he intends to escape before he is murdered by the coalition parties. Even the local Kosmo newspaper, which is affiliated to UMNO, the ruling national party in Malaysia, has injured Arthur Samuel, causing his blurred vision and a fractured skull. The authors of this article intend to expose the Prime Minister as head of an illegal organization along with the rest of his cabinet ministers. During his investigation, Samuel claims he was assaulted by a Malay newspaper cameraman and two Indian men who were determined to silence him once and for all. He firmly believes Malaysia is now a place of intense racial discrimination and political conspiracies which the world has yet to realise. This is what authors, Johan from the Philippines and Jon from the US, call the The World's Greatest Masquerade
For several years, the Malaysian tourism ministry has placed advertisements on CNN and CNBC, and in The London Times and other press and television agencies. These advertisements use the slogan "Malaysia is truly Asia" pointing to a mix of races living in total harmony. However, the real Malaysia tells a different story – one of conflict and discrimination The Malaysian Malay, English, Chinese, and Indian print, web-based, and broadcast media are racially intolerant toward the minority Eurasian race and arrogantly claim to be more intelligent than their Western and Asian counterparts. They slant reporting to glorify their own race using racist remarks and bigotry towards opponent language dailies and customers. They arrogantly credit their journalistic experience and integrity far exceeds the West news media, and even their peers in South East Asia. But their claims are arguable, if not questionable, because their superior intelligence has yet to lift their country out of third-world status, and their media outlets still remain unrecognized internationally.
Communal violence has been present in Malaysia since 1969 and continues to this day. According to a declassified document by the British government, on May 13 th 1969, clashes between the Chinese pro-communist hoodlums and Malays left 200 people dead and 500 wounded. These conflicts continue as part of a relentless cycle of persecution which is kept hidden from the international eye. The Tourism Minister may imply that Malaysia is truly Asia, but the truth is that Malaysia is a Malay and Muslim country, and other races do not have the same rights as their Malay counterparts.
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Malay Peninsula's independence from Britain, the government of Malaysia laid on a magnificent display of pageantry and the past five decades have seen a significant improvement in living standards. There has been a noticeable increase in access to education, health services, sanitation, and electricity. This remarkable modernization was symbolized nine years ago by the completion of the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, then the world's tallest buildings.
However, ostentatious infrastructure and spectacular public festivities did little to quell the political rumblings and alongside these festivities came unrest. Malaysia's 50th birthday coincided with the rising resentment of ethnic Chinese and Indians who make up over one third of the population.There is a furtive "Islamization" among the Malay Muslim majority in what has largely been a secular country. In addition, the Malay, Chinese, and Indian Malaysians are leading increasingly separate lives; the different races learn in separate schools, eat separately, work separately, and socialize separately. This agreement refers to the unspoken deal struck between the races when independence was established. It stated that the Malays finally got recognition that the country was, for all outward appearances theirs, while the Chinese took the illegal trade, gangster/triad and communist factor and Indians became mercenary/hired killers with affiliations to the thug code transplanted from India and plantation workers This begs the question: Does a true Malaysian actually exist?
In 1957, the pro-Bumiputra discrimination law was laid down as part of the country's first constitution to ease Malay fears of marginalization by the Chinese and Indian migrants. These nations had originally arrived to provide temporary labour in the tin mines and plantations, but had settled permanently and increasingly dominated the business and professional arenas. Perks for Malays were greatly extended after the race riots in 1969 when Malays were granted privileged access to public-sector jobs, university places, stock market flotations and government contracts. The veiled threat of violence lurking behind calls to uphold the social contract was made explicit during last year's UMNO conference, at which one delegate talked of being ready to "bathe in blood" to defend Malay privileges, and the education minister, no less, brandished a traditional Malay dagger.
The most notable result, similar to South Africa's policy of "Black Economic Empowerment," has been "encronyment" or the enrichment of those well connected to the United Malays National Organization (UMNO). This predominantly Muslim political party has led all governments since independence. Malays, like other races, have grown richer, but the gap between the Malay haves and have-nots has widened due to policies which have engendered increasing corruption and waste in recent years. Determined to expose those factions with links to UMNO, and with little regard for his own safety, Arthur Samuel has been compelled to speak out. His immense courage and determination has exposed an insidious institution which is determined to obliterate all those with Christian names or European ancestry.
While the West perceives the Chinese as purveyors of stability in Malaysia, they have in fact been the instigators of chaos and the race riots which began in 1969 continue to this day. During one incident, a Chinese agitator threw a pig's head and testicles into a mosque. This was at a time when the Chinese community was financially in control. Their racketeers with their communist associations and parties from mainland China had their Headquarters in Malaysia which covered the Southeast Asian region.
Malaysia's Chinese, some of whom have lived there for a century, continue to monopolize big business. Many are involved in criminal or illegal activities evidenced by the open manner in which counterfeit credit cards, DVDs, software and designer goods are sold in the various malls and markets and a main transit point for human trafficking to the USA and Europe, and the "middleman" in the global nuclear black market where pakistan's top nuclear scientist, Abdul Qadeer Khan, sold nuclear technology to countries that has supplied Iran, Libya, and North Korea with the technology to build a nuclear bomb. Malaysia is, in the words of one US official, "a perfect place for terrorists 'R' and 'R'" where Islamic radicals from around the region and their al-Qaeda backers can meet . Drugs, prostitution and gang-related crimes are rife and continue unabated. Locally-produced films glamorize the role of communists in Malaysia during the Emergency era of the 1950s. Even the majority Bumiputras with their Islamic fundamentalist ideology were transplanted from Sumatra in Indonesia during this century. Yet throughout centuries of turmoil, the Eurasian Christian population has remained in Malaysia since the colonial settlement of 1511.
Criticism is growing regarding UMNO leaders who have frequently resorted to 'growling' that nobody should question the "social contract" referring to the metaphorical deal struck between the races at independence. At this time the Malays were informed that the country was basically theirs, while the Chinese and Indians were pacified by being granted citizenship. Since then, veiled threats of violence have lurked behind calls to uphold the social contract. This was made explicit during last year's UMNO conference when a delegate stated he was ready to "bathe in blood" to defend Malay privileges. It was also noticeably ominous during this conference that the Education Minister brandished a traditional Malay dagger.
The dilemma facing Malays is that the social contract may once have seemed necessary to keep the peace. Now the official racism that it openly justifies looks indefensible. It is absurd and unacceptable that the children of families who have lived in Malaysia for generations should feel grateful not to be deported. They are forced to endure second-class treatment for the rest of their lives, all in the name of "racial harmony." When the mild-mannered Abdullah Badawi took over as Prime Minister from the fire-breathing Mahathir Mohamad in 2003, there were real hopes that Malaysia would change for the better. Mr. Badawi preached a moderate, "civilizational" Islam and pledged to crack down hard on corruption. So what became of these promises?
Four years on, corruption, facilitated by the pro-Malay policies, remains unchecked. The state persists in using draconian internal-security laws dating back to the colonial era to silence and threaten critics. UMNO continues to portray itself to Malays as the defender of their privileges while trying to convince the rest of the population that it is the guarantor of racial harmony. This week, one commentator gently described this as a "paradox." Hypocrisy would be a better word!
The damage caused by this state-sponsored racism is evident. Malaysia's once sparkling growth rate has slipped. Racial quotas and protectionism are scaring away many foreign investors. While Malaysians celebrate greater successes than former British colonies in Africa, they must have noticed that South Korea, Taiwan, and their estranged ex-spouse Singapore have done better still. According to Arthur Samuel, corruption and discrimination have led to the country's slide from 18th place to its current 24th in the "Invest in Southeast Asia" business survey held recently. The economic consequences alone justify the immediate cessation of Malaysia's official racist policies. Yet even without the risk of national financial instability, such unethical practices are fundamentally and morally wrong.
More than 60% of Malaysia's population are Muslim. Christians are routinely discriminated against by their religious counterparts and many are forced to convert to Islam. For example, if a non-Muslim man converts to Islam and leaves his wife without divorcing her, the Syariah court, which is the Muslim court and the ultimate law in Malaysia, will automatically void his civil marriage to his non-Muslim wife. Any children under the age of 18 years will automatically be converted to Islam without the permission or approval of his first wife. This situation is rampant in Malaysia for financial rather than religious reasons. This is because the spouse who converts to Islam receives a 15% discount on property purchases plus a 13% increase in his fixed deposit which is allocated by the government to the Muslims in Malaysia by the government-established Amanah Saham Bumiputra Bank.
Airasia, the premier low cost airline in the South East, and Astro Broadcasting, a premier-affiliated Indian controlled satellite provider, operate similar prejudiced policies throughout their companies. Non-Hindu workers like Arthur Samuel, as well as customers, are treated with brutal disregard. Samuel claims to have investigated a conspiracy involving Dell, the computer company. Dell was allegedly selling damaged and faulty hardware from Western countries to customers in Malaysia. When Samuel uncovered this deception and confronted Dell, an attempt was made on his life and he still continues to receive death threats from their customer service manager. Add to this the shocking statistics that a majority of Indian men are drunkards and tend to batter their wife and children, Indian criminals perpetrate approximately 70% of the murders in Malaysia
Arthur Samuel is relentless in his efforts to expose anti-Semitism and anti-Christian policies in Malaysia and accepts that his own life is at risk. One only needs to engage an average Malay in conversation to understand the deep hatred and hostility that exists towards non-Muslims. Samuel recounted a recent incident when he spoke to a Malay lady at a bus station. She proudly stated that all Westerners and Jews were devils and should be treated as such.
Another disturbing fact verified by numerous Malay and Indian friends, including authors Johan and Jon, concerns adoption policies and abortions in Malaysia. If an Indian or Malay couple are unable to take care of their infant, they choose to throw it in the trash can or abort their unborn child rather than put the infant up for adoption. The reason for this is unbelievably sadistic and inhuman. These people would rather kill their child or abort it – after all it is their property – than allow someone else to take care of it. A further fear is the possibility that a Christian or Jew may adopt the child which to a Malay is the worst fate imaginable. Murder is therefore preferable to such couples rather than risk a Malay child being reared in a Jewish or Christian household!
The deep-seated hatred towards those bearing Christian names or of European ancestry such as Arthur Samuel and others from Western countries permeates Malaysian society. This was recently manifested through the burning of US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice's effigy by the Prime Minister Ahmad Badawi's son-in-law Khairi. The government-affiliated RTM (Radio Televisyen Malaysia) is also accused of glorifying the two hundred Malaysian Muslims who joined the Taliban freedom fighters in Afghanistan and Iraq. The leader of the bomb-making unit of the Jama-Islamiah was a Malay Muslim who was involved with the Bali bombing and the JW Marriott Hotel bombing in Jakarta.
The Malaysian print, web-based, and broadcast sectors are racially intolerant toward the minority Eurasian race and arrogantly claim to be more intelligent than their Western counterparts. The Chief Inspector of Police and Head of the Malaysian Police Force, Tan Sri Musa Hassan, and Datuk Ismail of the Selangor State Police and their henchman Inspector Abang are involved in minority ethnic cleansing. They regularly turn a blind eye when minorities are victimized or beaten up by their police officials. Arthur Samuel was the victim of such an attack which caused the dizziness and blurred vision that has blighted his life and that was verified by a doctor in Kelana Jaya Medical Centre. The right part of Samuel's skull was fractured above his eye during this horrific and unprovoked assault. Samuel knows that he and other minorities will continue to be persecuted due to the ingrained prejudice and discrimination that exists in Malaysia.

The Quran states that "all Christians will be burned in the fire," but many moderate Muslims sensibly ask, "Why?" The Quran states that all non-violent Muslims must be whipped up into shape ready for battle because time is short. As Mohammed scratched out the Quran, he knew his biggest threat then and in the future was the followers of Jesus—the Christians. Mohammed could not disregard Jesus, for he was far too important. Therefore, he cleverly manipulated his text so that only the followers of Jesus were evil while simultaneously elevating Jesus to the rank of a prophet. The paradox that followed was that the man Jesus was good, but his followers were bad. This is undoubtedly an interesting and inexplicable dilemma.

Mohammed's quest was to convince people that Jesus was not the Son the God. If Jesus was the promised Messiah, there would have been no need for another prophet and no need for Mohammed because the prophecy would have been fulfilled. Therefore, when Mohammed referred to Christians, it was always with venom and hate. For example, the following few lines from the Quran outline his hatred of Christians:

"Allah will tear Christians apart for ascribing partners to him."

"Allah will taunt the Christians in hell, saying: Where are all my partners that you used to believe in?"

"Allah cast fear into the hearts of the disbelieving People of the Scripture. Their home in the Hereafter will be the Fire."

Mohammed tried to convince the Jews that he was their promised Messiah, but they did not believe him. The Jews rejected Mohammed, and they quickly felt his wrath. This blind hatred continues to this day. While Muslims hate the Jews, they do not see them as a collective threat to Islam. Jews are merely used for target practice as a prelude for what is to come. Christians, however, were a lost cause from the beginning. Jesus was accepted as the promised Messiah by Christians long before Mohammed was even born. Historical evidence led Mohammed to believe that Christians were a stubborn and dedicated people. They were fed to lions, tortured, crucified and beaten. Yet Christianity thrived and grew in number and strength. Even the powerful Romans could not halt this phenomenon.

At one time, Mohammed and a handful of followers hid from their enemies among a group of Christians. During this time he selectively picked those features of Christianity that he felt suited his purposes and discarded the rest. In fact, in the beginning, Mohammed had a fondness for Christian monks. He said of them at the beginning of the Quran: "You will certainly find the nearest in friendship to those... who say: We are Christians; there are priests and monks among them and because they do not behave proudly." In time, his opinion of the solidly Christian monks and priests changed considerably. Mohammed later told his followers not to listen to them because they would lead them "from Allah's way."

Mohammed knew that Christians would not follow him and so they became his enemy. The seeds of hatred for Christians and Jews were planted early in the minds of Muslims and this has continued throughout history. "I am not proud to be a Malaysian," Arthur Samuel proclaims. "In private or public places, you can hear Muslim prayers blatantly referring to non-Muslims as infidels." The seeds of hatred have certainly found fertile ground in Malaysia.

Recent disturbing revelations throw new light on Malaysia as the key meeting place for al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists and an exporter of Jihad extremists. Ever since the Sept. 11 attacks in the USA, speculation has been rampant on the extent of al-Qaeda's ambitions in Southeast Asia. Some analysts have speculated that Indonesia is the possible nexus of an Asian network, pointing to its thousands of radical Muslims fighting bloody private wars against their Christian neighbours. Others suggest the Philippines, where it's lawless, predominantly Muslim, South harboured, well-armed Islamic militias have waged war against the central government for decades. Yet very few suspect the relatively prosperous and peaceful Malaysia, where Muslims, who make up two thirds of the population, appear to have bought into the consumerist, essentially pro-Western views espoused by their leaders.

However, after months of investigation and the interrogation of detained terrorist suspects, government officials in Kuala Lumpur can no longer deny that Malaysia was the financial and planning centre for the region's main al-Qaeda-linked terrorist network. This was the place where Osama bin Laden's proselytizers chose to recruit a core of loyal followers. The plan was to launch new groups into neighbouring countries, and coordinate with Southeast Asia's existing Islamic radicals. It seems increasingly clear that Malaysia was one of a number of hubs used in the worldwide preparations for the carnage of September 11 in the USA.

Jon and Johan have claimed that the four key personnel accused of master-minding the life-changing attacks in the US planned their assault from Malaysia. Malaysia is the current chair of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference), hence its warm relationships with the other Islamic countries in the Middle East. This has led to an influx of immigrants from that area and engendered an alarming spread of radical extremist thinking and conduct in the former British Protectorate.

The shocking news is that these networks are still thriving. Underworld figures involved in Southeast Asia's flourishing illicit trade in arms, and senior Malaysian government officials acknowledge that representatives from the regions most notorious and violent radical Islamic groups still regularly gather in Malaysia to meet with their al-Qaeda backers. Listen to Mat, a pony-tailed Indonesian who has been trading illegal arms for 20 years.

"How stupid can you be? Of course al-Qaeda is still here in Malaysia," he snorts. "This is their favourite place to have meetings with the other radical Islamic groups in the region." Mat says the crackdown by police since the September 11 attacks has yet to interfere seriously with his business, either with ordinary criminal groups or with regular customers from a laundry list of Asian Islamic militant organizations that he says are funded in part by al-Qaeda. They included the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), Abu Sayyaf from the Philippines, the Laskar Jihad and Free Aceh Movement from Indonesia and Malaysia's own Kumpulan Mujahideen Malaysia (KMM).

The knowledge that terrorist groups continue to hold meetings with apparent impunity is especially alarming in light of new details, which interrogators have gleaned from the approximately 50 terrorist suspects currently being held in Malaysian jails. For the first time, the Malaysian police have a detailed picture of how al-Qaeda stepped in and—mostly through the liberal use of cash and the services of two Indonesian clerics who acted as proxies—managed to transform a radical Muslim group preoccupied with domestic concerns into a band of foot soldiers in Osama bin Laden's crusade against the USA.

Malaysia is, in the words of one US official, "a perfect place for terrorists 'R' and 'R'" where Islamic radicals from around the region and their al-Qaeda backers can meet. The most notorious gathering of al-Qaeda operatives took place in January 2000. This involved two of the hijackers who died in the suicide attack on the Pentagon, the roommate of a third hijacker, and at least one of the suspects in the USS Cole bombing. Zacarias Moussaoui, the Algerian-born French citizen now in custody in Virginia—the so-called 20th hijacker—also made several visits to Malaysia. Last week, Washington labelled the country a staging area for the US attacks, a charge that has put the Malaysian government on the defensive. "Malaysia is definitely not a primary launch pad for terrorists' activities," states a determined government official. "But it appears that Malaysia was used as a convenient meeting and transit point by some of these people from the radical groups." As the Malaysian government official notes, even with new, stringent surveillance of visitors and tightened-up immigration checks, it is almost impossible to track what he estimates are "several hundred[s]" of al-Qaeda-linked businessmen, bankers, traders, and tourists—many of them Arab—who pass through or live in the country.

"Let's draw parallels with, say, the Tamils and LTTE," explains another official, referring to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, which has been waging a bloody campaign for two decades for an independent state in Sri Lanka. "If Tamils set up businesses in Sri Lanka and then support the Tamil Tigers, what can the Sri Lankan government do? It can only monitor these businessmen but it cannot arrest them without concrete proof. It's the same here. Al-Qaeda representatives are sent to ensure the radical groups in the region have the necessary funds to buy arms and are not worried unduly over logistics. You must always remember that Osama's main aim is to see powerful radical groups emerging."

Police in Malaysia now have a clear picture of how al-Qaeda managed to reprogram such a radical group. The Malaysian authorities had been tracking the KMM for months before they moved to arrest the 12 alleged ringleaders. They were suspected of a string of crimes, including a bank robbery that left several members dead, a political assassination, and bombings of temples and churches. The KMM, which official sources allege was founded and led by the son of opposition leader Nik Aziz, had established branches in all nine states in peninsular Malaysia. KMM members were told that the group was conducting militia-style training to protect Nik Aziz's fundamentalist Islamic Party of Malaysia in the event of a government crackdown. However, according to the police, top KMM leaders were actively planning a violent overthrow of the country's government in favour of an Islamic regime.

In the mid-1990s, the domestic focus changed with the appearance of two Indonesian ulema in Malaysia, also known as Islamic teachers. The two men, Abubakar Ba'asyir and Riduan Isamuddin, better known as Hambali, preached a radical new vision of Islam. This was heavily influenced by the worldview of Osama bin Laden, a man Hambali claimed to have met personally on two occasions. According to government officials, the militant clerics found a receptive audience among many KMM members, focusing their attention on a KMM branch in the state of Selangor, outside the capital Kuala Lumpur.

With Abubakar acting as the spiritual leader and controller of the purse strings while Hambali was responsible for most of the planning and day-to-day administration, the two men wooed KMM members in Selangor and elsewhere into a new organization they established in the late 1990s, called the Jemaah Islamiah. Abubakar made clear the themes he still preaches at his school in central Java today: the glory of a martyr's death and the overriding goal of setting up a Muslim government. Officials say he espoused the formation of a new Islamic state encompassing Malaysia, Indonesia, the southern Philippines, Singapore, and Brunei. To fund such an ambitious vision, he was in contact with al-Qaeda paymasters and was responsible for funnelling money through branches of some Middle Eastern banks in Malaysia to his own newly founded cells of Jemaah Islamiah. They gradually stretched through peninsular Malaysia to Singapore, as well as to other Islamic groups in the region.

These sources also say he was the mastermind behind a series of bombing missions around the region. In one example, Hambali sent a known associate, Malaysian Taufik Abdul Halim, to Jakarta, where he was arrested on August 1st 2001, after a bomb he was carrying exploded and blew off one of his legs. Last fall, in Malaysia, Hambali instructed Yazid Sufaat, a former Malaysian army captain now under detention in Kuala Lumpur, to place an order for 4 tons of ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer that can be used as a bomb-making ingredient. The current whereabouts of the chemical remains a mystery.

The role of bomb maker was a surprising one for Yazid, who officials say was a minor figure in the Selangor branch of the KMM, and he was commonly known as a "runner." However, Yazid flourished in the Jemaah Islamiah, rising to become Hambali's most trusted lieutenant. Hambali ordered Yazid to host the two ill-fated hijackers who died in the Pentagon attack at his condominium in Kuala Lumpur. Yazid has told his interrogators that he had no knowledge of the September 11 th attacks. However, one official says, he suspected the men who stayed at his apartment had some role in the attacks because "they had asked if there were flying schools in Malaysia." Yazid recommended one in Melaka, but they said it would not be suitable for them.

Yazid has admitted to giving suspected hijacker Moussaoui a cover letter from a Malaysian company introducing him as its US marketing consultant. US sources say the letter contained a guarantee that Moussaoui would be paid $35,000 for his services. However, Malaysian officials deny reports that Yazid confessed to actually giving money to Moussaoui during his visits to Malaysia. "Yazid has told us no money changed hands," one official says.

Despite the growing list of allegations against Abubakar and Hambali, Indonesian officials have been circumspect in dealing with Abubakar, who recently moved back to Indonesia after 15 years. For Hambali, however, who is wanted by police in Indonesia and Malaysia, his whereabouts is unknown. Recently questioned by police, Abubakar was released after 2 days and continues to teach at his religious school in the town of Solo. In an interview with Time, the softly spoken, 63-year-old man vigorously denied any connection with a terrorist network. "I am not advocating the overthrow of any government," Abubakar says. "What I want to see is a government committed to Islam." He blames Mahathir, the USA, and a worldwide Jewish conspiracy for his problems. "This is just a political game," he says of the charges. "Jemaah Islamiah is an invention by Mahathir to instil fear [against] the Muslim community."

Malaysia has long been a shadowy operation zone for Islamist and communist ideology and as such has spawned many of the region's terrorists. Deterioration of our National security began during the Communist era, when Malaysia became the intelligence base for the Vet Kong generals. Since then, national security has degraded, making Malaysia a dangerous place to be in.

Presently, Deputy Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced that Malaysia has purchased military equipment and assets worth billions of dollars from Russia. These include two Scorpene conventional submarines and Russian Sukhoi MK jet fighters. It was part of Malaysia's silent desire to start an arms race in the region. Furthermore, the two main opposition parties in the country, DAP and PAS, intend to make Malaysia a Chinese centric communist country. The plan is a legion to mainland China (DAP) or an Islamic fundamentalist Taliban country and a legion to Saudi Arabia and its ideology (PAS).

Improved foreign relations with Malaysia have made it a more dangerous place to stay in. North Korean Prime Minister Kim Yong-il is scheduled to visit Malaysia. "The objective of the visit is to farther strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries," a North Korean diplomat at its embassy stated. Several ministers are expected to accompany Kim on the visit, and the agenda of the visit will be matters such as trade, investment, and transfer of nuclear technology. Details are currently being finalized with Wisma Putra. Furthermore, Malaysia is the transit point where North Korean fake US dollar notes are laundered and filtered to the rest of the world. In addition, according to verified sources, the national Iranian Oil Company will fund a "significant" part of the RM80 billion (US$21billion) crude oil pipeline to be built across Northern Malaysia. Analysts cite that the project may be politically motivated as it will allow shippers to avoid the Malacca Straits and Singapore, a US ally, should relations deteriorate further between the US and Iran. The line, to be built by Trans Malaysia Petroleum, is due to start up in 2010, shipping 800,000 barrels a day. As Malaysia is the current chair of the Organization of Islamic Conference, it has warm relationships with the other Islamic countries in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, anti-Semitic literature, such as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and videos glorifying jihad are readily available. On a recent visit to the Masjid Jamek area of Kuala Lumpur, I came across a group of Muslims transfixed in front of a booth selling pirated religious videos. On the screen were bearded Mujahideen marching through a forest brandishing machine guns as Koranic verses were recited.

Islamic terrorists realise that the world is a much smaller place. It is difficult for counterterrorist experts to keep tabs on the employment and radicalisation of new recruits. Terrorists can now exchange information without the need to travel further than their own homes via the Internet. And Islamic terrorism in Malaysia is no different, whether we are talking about young men from the Middle East or homegrown radicals, the upsurge in Islamic extremism has led to a chain reaction which has further destabilised the nation.

Even young people are not immune to Malaysian moral decay and have been affected by the society's sins. A recent study conducted by the University Kebangsaan in Malaysia has revealed shocking findings about female high school students in Malaysia. Of those surveyed between the ages of 15 and 16, many were involved in various disciplinary problems and many tried to lose their virginity. Most of the respondents took drugs and were involved in international distribution of pornography, secret triad societies, vandalism, and truancy.

Malaysia is fast becoming an industrial country. Many rivers have become polluted and the increasing number of cars in Malaysia also has lent a hand in the pollution. Malaysia recently ranked as the third most polluted country in the world after the US and China. This was according to a recent global environment pollution survey conducted by a well know environmentalist agency and was highlighted by CNN. In an axis of evil, the players are known by the company they keep. Dictators like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, guilty of gross human rights violations, find welcome and shelter in Malaysia. In fact, Robert Gabriel Mugabe has managed to extract millions of dollars from his country's dwindling coffers towards his retreat and palace there. To make matters worse, according to the Transparency International and Corruption Perception Index Survey 2007, Malaysia ranked 44th out of a total of 158 countries in the survey. This is evidenced by a corruption video clip featuring a senior lawyer with the title of Datuk (Sir) brokering a bribe to the appointed judges. In addition, the country recently went over budget by a whooping USD160 million dollars to send two Malay astronauts to space. This highly over-priced project went ahead for reasons the public is unaware of. Even the Director of the Commercial and Crime Chief Section Head of Police, Datuk Ramli of the Royal Malaysian Police, is involved in receiving a $20 million account in kickbacks from human trafficking, drugs, and other illegal vice activities.

Malaysia has an incoherent and immature dictatorship brought about by the appointment of its prince, the son of the King Sultan Mizan. He is an 8-year-old child named Tengku Muhammad Ismail and has become the sovereign and supreme ruler of Malaysia. The political Malay party UMNO has done an act of defiance by placing its container office illegally in a public park without prior approval from the Municipality council for the next general elections, a hidden agenda that the US government and the public has failed to realize.

In Malaysia today, safety has become a thing of the past. The Utopian delight that smiles to the world from the pages of a holiday brochure is nothing more than a smokescreen. The earnest desire of Arthur Samuel is to expose the abuse and discrimination suffered by him and his fellow minorities at the hands of the Islamic extremists who run the government. He wishes to call on all who are appalled by a country that allows the systematic exploitation and neglect of its own citizens because of their race or religion. Please help him and his fellow countrymen flee from the imminent danger they are faced with daily.

More than 60% of Malaysia's population is Muslim. Christians are constantly being discriminated against by their religious counterparts and many are forced to convert to Islam. For instance, if a non-Muslim man converts to Islam and leaves his wife without divorcing her, the Syariah court, which is the Muslim court and the ultimate law in Malaysia, will automatically void his civil marriage to his non-Muslim wife. Any children under the age of 18 years will automatically be converted to Islam without the permission or approval of his first wife. This situation is rampant in Malaysia for financial rather than religious reasons. This is because the spouse who converts to Islam receives a 15% discount on property purchase and a 13% increase in his fixed deposit in the government-established bank, Amanah Saham Bumiputra, which is allocated by the government to the Muslims in Malaysia.

Comments made by Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak asserting the country has "never been a secular state," have upset many non-Muslims.

"Islam is the official religion and we are an Islamic state,and Chairman country for the OIC (Organization of the Islamic nations)" state news agency Bernama quoted Najib as saying.

"We have never been secular because being secular by Western definition means separation of the Islamic principles in the way we govern a country."

Since ethnic Malays are Muslim by definition, politicians' comments about Islam usually aim to appeal to the largest chunk of potential voters, analysts say.

Najib's remarks drew such stinging ripostes from lawyers, opposition parties and religious leaders, who accused the government of ignoring Malaysia's history and constitution, that authorities finally ordered mainstream media to drop the subject.

Malaysia's constitution does not explicitly say it is a secular state, although it says Islam is the official religion.

"You can't settle it because politically it's going to be difficult," political scientist Chandra Muzaffar told Reuters.

"There is no way the government can come out and say it is a secular state, because Muslims in this country and many other parts of the world feel the term 'secular state' means that religion has no place in public life."

But Malaysia's non-Muslims would also be unhappy with the idea of living in an avowedly Islamic state, he added.

One Christian grouping saw Najib's comments as a bid to stir racial tension.

"We appeal to the government in general and to the deputy prime minister in particular, to refrain from using 'Islamic state' as an official description of the country to stir up racial tension," the Council of Churches of Malaysia said.

Many Malaysians are still haunted by the memory of racial riots between poor ethnic Malays and wealthier ethnic Chinese that killed almost 200 people in 1969, and eventually led to an affirmative action program to improve the lot of Malays.

The government ordered mainstream media to stop discussion of Najib's remarks after two days of heated debate, but it continues to be a live topic on Web sites.

"There is no official ban, but we have asked the newspapers to cooperate with us," said one government official who declined to be identified.

With Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi expected to call early polls, analysts say months of political posturing lie ahead from members of his United Malays National Organization, which leads the ruling coalition. Even worse nearly 200 Malays Malaysian , at a time when world sentiment condemned the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the government-affiliated television station proudly broadcast the story of 200 Malaysian Muslims going to Afghanistan to join the Taliban in their fight against the United States.

Against the backdrop of Malaysia's highly politicized debate on religion, Najib's remarks reinforced the perception that Malay identity was being equated with religion, said Bridget Welsh, a political scientist at Johns Hopkins University.

"Najib is putting on record his position vis-à-vis the role of religion in society, and I think he is doing it not just for elections, but he is going with the flow that has been the direction within UMNO," said Welsh, a specialist on Malaysia.

Najib received some support from former premier Mahathir Mohamad, who first deployed the 'Islamic state' label in 2001, to disconcert political opponents in a hardline Islamist party.

"Whether it is stated in the constitution or not, this is a Muslim country, because we follow Muslim teachings and Muslim injunctions," Mahathir told reporters.

For individuals, like Arthur Samuel, who speak out and attempt to expose the injustices within Malaysia, the growing hostility towards non-Islamic thinking creates a sense of urgency to flee. Using Salman Rushdie, an Indian-born novelist, as an example of the lengths radical Muslims will go to silence opposition outside their home country, imagine the measures they might take to silence someone like Arthur Samuel, who lives within an "Islamic State."

Nearly 200 supporters of an Islamic separatist group in Indian-controlled Kashmir recently burned effigies of Salman Rushdie, and marched to protest Britain's knighthood award to the Indian-born novelist.

Supporters of Jammu-Kashmir People's Freedom League chanted "Hang Salman Rushdie" and "Down with Britain" as they marched through Srinagar, the capital of India's Jammu-Kashmir state.

"Rushdie is an enemy of Muslims, and we wonder how Britain awarded him knighthood," said one protester, Imtiyaz Ahmed.

Mufti Mohammad Bashir-ud-din, head of Kashmir's Islamic court, asked Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and the government to withdraw the knighthood to Rushdie and apologize to the Muslim world.

He said in a statement that Rushdie was "liable to be killed for rendering gravest injury to the sentiments of the Muslims across the world."

Possibly, this is the very sort of backlash to democracy and freedom of expression that is being reflected amongst the Christian , Hindu and Buddhist minorities of much of Asia, in Pakistan currently in a state of emergency, as it goes to the polls in an attempt to elect a People's government and in particular, Malaysia, itself is seeing the same discontent and riots taking place.

In 1989, Iran's then-spiritual leader, the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, issued a fatwa or religious edict ordering Muslims to kill Rushdie because his book, "The Satanic Verses," allegedly insulted Islam.

The threat forced Rushdie, who lives in Britain, to live in hiding for a decade.

Islamic rebel group Jamiat-ul-Mujahedeen, one of several operating in Kashmir, called for a shutdown against Britain and Rushdie.

The decision to award Rushdie a knighthood has sparked a harsh reaction throughout much of the Muslim world, including India's neighbor Pakistan, where the religious affairs minister said the honor provided a justification for suicide attacks.

Britain has defended its decision to honor Rushdie, one of the most prominent novelists of the late 20th century. His 13 books have won numerous awards, including the Booker Prize for "Midnight's Children" in 1981.

Muslim-majority Kashmir is split between Pakistan and India, but claimed in its entirety by both. More than 68,000 people, most of them civilians, have died in the conflict. Far from an end to the conflict being in sight, an Asian conflagration seems more likely to occur, spreading throughout the region.

Racially-incited and belief-based assaults, murders and crimes have escalated in recent years in Malaysia. Bombings that inflict atrocities on civilians, beatings and torture of minorities have also increased.

After the publication of this article, Arthur Samuel fully expects to be detained by the Internal Security Act, crippled, physically disabled or even murdered by the leading UMNO, MIC, and MCA. He desperately needs funds to secure his release and that of fellow freedom fighters.

All Arthur Samuel wants is to bring his message to the world. By doing so, he has revealed his exceptional courage and fortitude. Sadly, without your urgent assistance, this gritted determination will end in his martyrdom. Those are just a few, of the countless reasons, Art Samuel, seeks solace. He is determined to tell the truth, yet he fears, there are stories, he may not live to tell. What he needs is to be taken under the wing of a strong, stable nation. To be able to live, work and study freely, in a government that will grant him political asylum or a scholarship. He believes his humble request, will help him cope with the atrocities he has faced, and live life, anew, in the free world.

He desperately needs your help to secure his release and that of fellow freedom fighters, so they can bring this message and warning to the world. What he needs is to find sanctuary within the borders of a strong, stable nation. To be able to live, work and study freely, under the auspices of a government that will grant him political asylum. Arthur Samuel's hope of being granted a education scholarship to the US ,or UK and a citizenship that sustains him and if granted, will help him more effectively cope with the atrocities he has faced, and live life, anew, in the free world.

During this Christmas season, please find the generosity to help support the fight against religious oppression and expose the radicalization of Malaysian Muslims before it is too late. Please help Arthur Samuel reveal the truth about what is going on in Malaysia. Sponsor his request for asylum and education in a place where he can continue the fight for racial and religious justice.
If you'd like to help Arthur Samuel, please email Pastor Edward in the UK at

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