Wednesday, January 30, 2008

UK Hindu community protest and petition to UK PM

UK Hindu Community Protest & Petition to UK Prime Minister (Feb-1st)
Wed, 30/01/2008 - 11:56 — anniyan
Malaysian Hindu demonstration at 10 Downing on Friday, 1st February, at 11am to 2pm

Malaysian Hindus, a two million minority in Malaysia, are sufferring religious persecution under the new "lite-taliban" policies of the corrent Government. HINDRAF (Hindu Rights and Action Force) of Malaysia have organised a protest opposite Downing street at 11am this Friday to present a petition to the Prime Minister at 2pm.

- Hindu temples have been destroyed and damaged, irrespective of their age. An EDM was raised by the Hon. Stephen Pound MP to raise the issue in the UK Parliament last month.

- 31 protestors were arrested in the peaceful march at Kuala Lumpur on 25 November 2007, of whom 5 still remain under detention.

HCUK requests all to support this silent protest against the human rights violations of not only the Hindu minority but other religious minorities of Malaysia also.

HCUK's General Secretary, Anil Bhanot, said that the Taliban ideology which destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas needs to be challenged for re-education. He said, "If God ever commanded not to worship idols then it was in reference to the idols in one's own heart, the idols of obsession to some self-centred ideologies and not those of selfless devotion to the wonderful facets of the all-loving one Absolute God."

We appeal to the world communities to help stop the lite-talibanisation of the Malaysia Government through trade and other means. Please come to the protest this Friday and if working then at least in your lunch hour.

Anant M Vyas
Executive Representative
Hindu Council UK

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