Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Samy Velu puzzled why Indians lack interest in Govt. jobs

Many non Bumiputeras -- do not even attempt to enter government service because chances of promotion are slim since Bumiputeras are given preference.

Samy Velu Puzzled Why Indians Lack Interest in Govt Jobs


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DIASPORA said...

Is Samy Velu really puzzled? Is he endeavouring to show the masses that he is kept in the dark by the Cabinet. Surely, he should know at least what goes on in is own Ministry. Surely he MUST know the composition of Officers and Staff in all the Departments under him.

Of course, one is aware that 'cooked' figures could be given to him by his subordinate Civil servants when they are not away in the canteen or at 'meetings'.

Or, is he kept in the dark by the Civil service in his own Ministry too. Does he really have any power or say in his Ministry. Surely the present day Ciivil sevants who are looting the PWD would not want to keep Samy Velu informed or even take orders from him.

Yes. Samy Velu of course attempts to make lots of noises in the TV and radio and at functions. But really. Does anyone in the Cabinet or Government cares what he says or asks.

If the MIC had been effective, it would first have asked for the demography of the Parliamentary and State constituencies to be so alienated that the numbers of voters are nearly the same in each constituency or asked for a system of added votes for marginalised constituencies. It is a laugh that the looters come from constituencies which have such small number of voters.

What is happening today with Samy Velu being denied a courtesy call on the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in Chennai is NOT only a disgrace for Samy Velu but for the Indians that HE says that he represents and to the Malaysian Governmentt as a whole. God Forbid that Samy Velu is also notignored by New Delhi and Dr Manmohan Singh. That will be the ultimate warning to Malaysia to behave in keeping with International decorum and be the added disgrace to Malaysia and the ethnic Indians of Malaysia.

Now with rumbles about Batu Caves and Thaipusam being avoided by the public, it is going to be a real shame when tourists come over to see Thaipusam in action and the International Press carries stories about what a great day it was in Malaysia. Lord Muruga does not let his followers down. He also knows how to deal with sycophants and those who loot the country and the people.