Sunday, January 6, 2008

'We are not children,' a protester against intl security laws of Malaysia

More "non lethal weapons" used: Malaysian police use water cannon on candlelight protest
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Malaysian police used a water cannon to disperse protesters who held a candlelight vigil Saturday against internal security laws being used to hold ethnic Indian activists without trial. The protesters were dispersed by riot police, several carrying tear gas, and backed by a water cannon which was briefly turned on. "People are starting to realise that the government is selected by us and we don't need laws that are patronising. We can think for ourselves -- we are not children," he told AFP.

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DIASPORA said...


It is ironical that chemical laced water cannons mounted on armoured vehicles and operated by semi literates in full protective gear have to be used to snuff out candkle lights. What weapons would they use if the lights were stronger than candle lights?

There must be a sense of sadistic streak built into these men who rattle shields and shoot water cannons that they enjoy a sadistic day or night watering their fellow citizens with 'chemical' laced water.

Can we call them " CHEMICAL ALIs" after that infamous imbecile who ruled the nest under the Sadistic Saddam Hussein?