Sunday, December 16, 2007

Aggrieved, marginalised, non-bumis in Malaysia

Aggrieved, marginalised non-bumis in Malaysia

Politics is all about perceptions, Badawi. So, please, please read the following note which I am forwarding from a Chinese Malaysian friend. You have to redress the grievances; this can be through dialogue in democratic Malaysia.


Posted by a Chinese friend, pls read...

Monday, December 17, 2007

In response with the Hindraff gathering on 25th at the British Embassy on
Malaysian Indian rights, I wish to share my few opinions/points on discrimination
on non-bumis in Malaysia. Please forward this msg to all Indians n also Chinese.

• Why do u think Tunku Abdul Rahman merge Sabah n Sarawak into Gagasan
Malaysia unnecessarily? To increase bumi's population overall, so no-bumi pop
will become insignificant…….
• Initially Chinese n Indians were responsible for the growth of
Malaysia.Chinese-urban ares,business, mines.Indians-estates-palm
oil,rubber-important exports. N still our contribution continues…..

Later when Malaysia established-Malays claim its their country n declared Islam
country.On many occasions in parliament meetings,we as non-bumi being humiliated by saying this is their country n askd chase out us from Malaysia.'Ini negara Islam,You tidak suka, You keluar dari Malaysia '

• The worst discrimaination is in education sector. Government declared that public
university entrance is based on merit system but is an eyewash,non-bumi get fooled
-There r two ways entering public-u,matriculation n STPM
-Metriculation's entrance based on quota system,99% bumi
-STPM is set to be tough n only small amount of non-bumi get place in public u
eventhough majority r excellent n eligible students
-So public universities are for bumis,fully sponsered by gov
-In addition government sends bumis to private uni n overseas thru mara agensi
-government spends nearly one million ringgit to each malays students studying
medicine in UK ,half-million those studying in India n their pocket money monthly=more than RM2700 (those studying in India only)...we have never given this much priviledge but still shines
-But non-bumi have to struggle thru hardship to study,they study on their
own money
-Bumis who sponsored by gov stands nowhere to Chinese n Indian in edu
level...when compared Can this called as merit system,dont we
deserve...we too malaysian citizen
• Nearly all gov job given to bumis
• What for we pay same tax as bumis?
• Popular urban ares like bukit bintang (by Chinese) n Masjid India, Leboh
Ampang,KL sentral(by Indians) r being overtake by bumis…new-built premises r given to malays
• Nowhere in the world gives this much of speciality(keistimewaan) to
natives,we worked out hardly but they r enjoying the benefits
• Let say,if Chinese n Indians get out of Malaysia ,what would b Malaysian
economy n growth??
• Once Mahatir was against 'apartheid' discrimination concept in Africa …don't
He felt shame to do so when our gov discriminates us so badly!!

Recently my friend told me that when he attend orientation programme at xxx
where xx malay students fully sponsored by mara to be sent to xxx(overseas) n
three other private non-bumi students going wt them using own money,the dean
of the college was so racist n fanatic saying that gov wants malays/islam
people to be more doctors in Malaysia so directly! It seems non-bumis dominates
this profession…(Don't they feel ashamed to say so...we struggled n
suffered n study on our own money...but malays r lazy,dunno appreciate their
priviledge!..We still could shine despite hardship!! ) The real deserved
are these three non-bumis as they r the one who founds numerous mistakes in
entrance exam n no ans to certain quest. but none of these so-called
selected 'brilliants' aware of these mistakes!! What a shame!

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