Friday, December 21, 2007

Ethnic Indians are fourth class citizens in Malaysia: noted Gerakan politician

Ethnic Indians Are Fourth Class Citizen in Malaysia : Noted Gerakan Politician

This statement was made by Paranjothy of Gerakan party, a partner in the ruling coalition in Malaysia.

Fourth-class citizens'

Commenting on the Nov 25 Hindraf rally, Paranjothy said the 30,000 Indians took part to express their "frustrations and anger" because the community has been "marginalised, oppressed and ignored".

Paranjothy said Indians form the most neglected group in economic terms, as shown by key performance indicators such as tertiary education.

"(They) are treated as fourth-class citizens. Where the Indians predominate over their fellow Malaysians is mostly in prison, violent crimes, gangsterism, suicide and social ills. Government policies have failed to improve (their situation)."
On the government's hardline stance against public demonstrations, Paranjothy said the government has practised double-standards in the issuance of police permits.
"I have participated in street demonstrations and rallies organised by Barisan Nasional Youth, spearheaded by Umno Youth, to handover a memorandum… over certain issues that had taken place (abroad) which I believe would not have benefitted Malaysia.

"Did BN Youth obtain a permit to hold the rallies or demonstrations?… Looks like the government is one-sided when it came to the issuance of permits for public gatherings. BN started this culture of street demonstrations and now others have emulated it."

Full article entitled, "Gerakan Rep: Umno Incites Racial Sentiments" can be accessed at :

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