Thursday, December 20, 2007

Muslims first in India, Hindus last in muslim states

Muslims First in India, Hindus Repressed in Muslim Countries

Manmohan Singh: "Muslims will have first right over nation's resources",

Nobody cares for Hindus

Second opinion: KR Phanda

The persecution of ethnic Indians in Malaysia has national and international dimensions. At the international level, it is well known that non-Muslim minorities in Islamic countries face the threat of extinction. Christians were a majority in Lebanon; they hardly count now. It is believed that the Islamic countries are forcing the minorities to embrace Islam, emigrate or face death. This writer's parents were provided these options in 1947 -- convert to Islam, face death or migrate to Hindustan. Is the situation any different in Pakistan now?

In July 2003, a report by Hafizur Rahman in Dawn stated that the abduction of Hindu girls in Pakistan's Sindh province was going on unabated. When a hue and cry is raised, the girls are forced to state in a court of law that they had gone away willingly, married Muslims and embraced Islam. During the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, Sikhs were forced to leave -- some of them are still living as refugees in India. A mass killing of Christians is underway in Sudan.

Pseudo-secularists must understand that Islam divides humanity into momins and kafirs. To follow the fundamentals of Islam, therefore, the 'believers' must abduct and kill kafirs, or at least discriminate against them. Human rights, democracy and liberalism are anti-theses of Islam. As this is a trans-national issue, the UN should take appropriate steps to stop these crimes against humanity.

In sharp contrast to the discriminatory treatment meted out to Hindus in Malaysia, Muslims enjoy a privileged status in India. Discrimination against the Hindu majority is inherent in our Constitution. Apart from giving a separate homeland to Muslims by dividing India in 1947, the Muslim minority was also granted special rights through Articles 25-30 of the Constitution.

These Articles have not let the benefit of being the majority pass on to Hindus. The question for consideration is: Should not Hindus receive a favourable treatment in India as Muslims are enjoying it in Islamic countries?

The UPA Government is hell bent on extending more and more sops to the minorities. Going beyond the slogan, "Muslims first," the Congress-led Government now seems to be inculcating a "Muslims first to last" policy in all its development programmes. Meanwhile, Hindus are still struggling in Malaysia against a repressive regime.

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