Sunday, December 16, 2007

Message to the Malaysian state, of 36 pigeons released from Kamunting


If hopes are dupes, fears are liars. Let us hope that PM Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will show statesmanship, release all 36 detainees and call them for a dialogue.

Hear the pigeons chirp, Y.A.B. DATO’ SERI ABDULLAH AHMAD BADAWI. They are also Malaysian pigeons.

Please do not underestimate the power of Lord Muruga of Bantu Caves majestically watching over Kuala Lumpur thoroughfare. He is witness to all the goings on of chemical-laced water cannons and tear-gas shells by police on the faces of deprived Malaysian citizens with a grievance to communicate about violation of their human rights. Introspect, Badawi, introspect on their cries for justice, as they offer their prayers in temples.

The path Malaysia chooses now, under your leadership, will dictate her destiny to benefit the present and future generations of Malaysian citizens who should hold their heads in pride in the comity of nations.

I know you are a great scholar, Badawi. This is a historic moment for Malaysia and for your contributions to be remembered by present and future generations of Malaysians as they recount Malaysian history down the memory lane.

Stability of Malaysia depends upon stability of Malaysian identity among all Malaysians. Gautama, the Buddha, said: esha dhammo sanantano (meaning: this dhamma is eternal). We are all children of that ordering principle, Dhamma. Let us protect dhamma.

Scrap the ISA from the Malaysian statute book, release all detenus and call for a dialogue for national reconciliation and stability.

Dr. S. Kalyanaraman

Releasing 36 pigeons to Free the 36 Indians detained by Malaysian police

Supporters of five Indian activists arrested under the Internal Security Act show their support at a Hindu temple near Kamunting Detention camp, 280 kilometers (175 miles) north from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sunday, Dec. 16, 2007. Malaysia's prime minister has asked ethnic Indian social groups to list out the community's grievances that led to an unprecedented anti-discrimination rally by Indians last month, activists said Sunday. (AP Photo/Gary Chuah) Photo Credit: AP Photo

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