Monday, December 17, 2007

Ethnic Malaysian Indian marginalization and consequences

Ethnic Malaysian Indian marginalization and consequences

Indian problems is well articulated by a reader below

malayamuda said...

Indians who came during British rule were poor to start with. They were mere laboureres, living in the estates tapping rubber and plucking oil palm.

When the estates were cleared for development. The Indians were left to fend for themselves.

The NEP further sidelined them and with Mahathir Mohamad at the helm things were even worse. Ketuanan Melayu was at it's peak [ though Mahathir was not a thoroughbred Malay himself ]

University seats were difficult to get by. Business license and contracts difficult too.

Government jobs were a big NO-NO with the Government on it's " ethnic cleansing" agenda of getting the Chinese, Indians and Sri Lankan Tamils out of the service passively.

Passively............ yes passively, by denying them promotions, denying them their pay rise, denying them their Cemerlang and Gemilang.

Finally the non Malays left the civil service since they really felt they were un wanted there.

I know because I come from a family of Government servants. My great grandfather, grand father and father were all Government servants. My father never got his due recognition even though he was a Head of Department.

For example look at the crime buster Kulasingam who passed away less than a month ago. A Sri Lankan Tamil man who never got any recognition. Someone else in his place would have been made a Tan Sri in no time.

So now, what actually ignited the Indians, No it was not Hindraf.

It was UMNO.

Demolishing the temples is just too much for a race known as " a temple building race".

The Government should have intervened immediately when the first temple was demolished. But they chose not to.

Moorthy's case was another hit below the belt for the community. Stealing the body of a dead man during the funeral is unbecomming of people in a country which claims to be practicing "moderate" Islam. I mean that was barbaric.

Asking Shamala sathiyaseelan to bring up her 2 boys as Muslims when she herself was Hindu. Revathi... and the list goes on.

The UMNO Government chose to be a silent onlooker when all these atrocities were being committed.... So now we have a problem, an International problem on our doorstep.

Can you blame anyone else for this besides the Government ?
7:43 PM, December 17, 2007

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