Sunday, December 16, 2007

Image tarnished, says Dy PM. Remedy? Ensure equality and fair treatment of all citizens

Malaysian Deputy PM Complains Image of Country has been Affected. Some Tips on How to Improve Image --- By Fair and Equitable Treatment to All Races

Is image more important than equality?

Contributed by Anonymous on Thursday, December 06 @ 19:10:01 CST

Deputy Prime Minister thinks Hindraf actions to take the plea of Malaysian Indian will tarnish the image of the Malaysia. Here is a novel idea. In order to not tarnish the image, let’s have all Malaysian citizens to have e equal right status. Let Indians be able to buy houses at 10% discounted price. Let Indians’ children be able to enroll in government universities of the first choice of degree program. Let Indians’ children get government scholarship so they can go overseas to further their higher education. Let Indians get high ranking positions in government civil service. Let Indian be able to invest in Amanah Saham. Let’s give a meaning behind the word citizenship.

If Najib want to have a good image, then practice policies that uplift the equality. There is nothing negative about Hindraf wanting to bring the plea of Indian people to world stage. The world must know what is going on here. Maybe Najib can explain why through government policies they have created a second class citizen in Malaysia. Maybe Najib can explain to international community why one citizen deserves special constitutional privileges while another citizen gets to have a hotline. Maybe Najib can explain to the world why not all Malaysian citizens are equal under the constitution. Maybe Najib can explain why the government arrests its citizen under a draconian law called ISA to protect their power grip. Maybe Najib can explain why the printed media in Malaysia are controlled.

The reality is that no one can disagree with these oppressors. If this is not so, then why Cameron Highlands MP K. Devamany have to meet and explain his remarks. The current policy is that anyone who slightly agrees with the core issue that Hindraf brought forward will face some form of repercussion. Instead of addressing the message, the messengers are being attacked, silenced and marginalized. If Najib wants image, all he has to do is provide equality.

My hope is that readers of this website – those who are in Malaysia and those who are not – will do their part to highlight the plea of Indians in Malaysia. You can do it by spreading the word to your local community the least. Our hope to resolve the issue lies in our hands. The next generation of Indians should not feel the hopelessness this generation feels.

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