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Gerakan youth slams temple demolitions (June 2006)

Gerakan Youth slams temple demolitions (June 2006)

This is from June 2006, and it is from a coalition partner. Complete apathy and ignoring concern and feelings of non-muslims led to Hindraf rally on Nov 25, 2007 and current pathetic state of affairs. The blame came be completely placed on the Bumiputra ruling party UNMO.

Jun 10, 06 9:12pm

The wanton destruction of Hindu temples by local councils in several states must now stop as it could fan religious and racial animosity among Malaysians, Gerakan Youth warned today.

"We strongly believe that the local authorities have blatant disrespect for other religions in this country and for violating the Federal Constitution by their disrespectful manner in which places of worship have been demolished," its deputy chief S Paranjothy said in a strongly worded statement.

Article 11 of the Federal Constitution guarantees freedom of religion while laws such as Section 295 of the Penal Code describes defiling religious buildings as a criminal offence.

Paranjothy's criticism comes hot on the heels of a heated parliamentary roundtable on temple demolitions last Sunday attended by more than 160 temple caretakers, all decrying the recent trend.

The latest incident revolved around the Muniswaran Alayam temple in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur which was destroyed by DBKL on Thursday.

Remember 'Kerling incident'

"We hereby issue a stern warning to all local councils to stop demolishing temples and to avoid the repeat of another 'Kerling incident' because of their (local governments) insensitivities of the right of minority groups," added Paranjothy.
In 1977, five Muslim Malays, accused of being involved in a series of temple desecration, were killed after being ambushed near the vicinity of a Hindu temple by several Indian Hindus in Kerling, near Kuala Selangor.

The incident drew a storm of controversy and the assailants were all given jail sentences. They were then represented by former MIC secretary-general DP Vijandran.
Paranjothy argued that most of such temples have been long in existence and the local authorities should show sensitivity by relocating them to appropriate places.

MIC has failed

Paranjothy also took a swipe at fellow Barisan Nasional component party MIC over their failure to protect these temples.

"We regret that the MIC who claims to represent and champion the cause of the Indian community in this country has failed to safeguard and protect these temples from being demolished," he added.

He also called on the Malaysian Hindu Sangam, an MIC initiated religious body, to be more proactive in protecting Hindu temples and not take a "passive stand".
Next on Paranjothy's firing-line was the Attorney-General's Chambers, which he claimed has yet to take any action on police reports made against local councils in regards to temple demolitions.

"We sincerely hope that the AG's Chambers is not biased towards the majority by discriminating the minority of their rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution. In this instance, silence is not golden," he stressed.

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