Friday, December 14, 2007

Shah Alam Mayor has misled temple: Malaysia Hindu Sangam


1st November 2007


The Malaysia Hindu Sangam is shocked to understand that the developer of the land in Taman Karuppiah had never taken court action to evacuate the homes and buildings in the area. We understand that it was the former Mayor of Shah Alam who had taken the court order to clear the land. Having obtained the order the Mayor, both former and present, had not followed procedures of having given reasonable time before the demolition of the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple Taman Karuppiah, Shah Alam on 29th October 2007. The temple which was demolished is no ordinary roadside shrine but it is a reasonably large temple with facilities for poojas, weddings, religious courses and kindergarten classes.

When the present Mayor went to the temple at about 9.00 AM the same day and said that the temple will be demolished within two hours it is most unbelievable that such a senior responsible official could have no knowledge of the existing facilities of the temple. It is our view that he has not advised the Menteri Besar with the full details. It is also hard to believe that he was ignorant of the understanding by the officials of the MBSA, State Government, and MIC Officials with the temple officials the previous night on 28th October 2007 assuring that temple can remain a few more days until the Deepavali celebrations.

It is our view that any court order which was obtained more than 2 years ago should have been treated with compassion to the devotees of the places of the worship of both the temple and the surau. We agree that the indiscriminate order to remove the Hindu temple and the surau was an unjust act of not considering the feelings of the respective religious followers in that area.

It is also our opinion that Mayor had no control over his enforcement officers who retaliated with heavy throwing of stones into the temple while a special pooja was being conducted. It must be stated that the police force on duty at that time was restrained. The confrontational retaliatory action by the MBSA enforcement officers was in our opinion the cause for the violence in the temple.

Many officials of the temples, Malaysia Hindu Sangam and others were injured due to this aggressive attitude of the MBSA officers. Mr. T Ganesan, the Chairman of Malaysia Hindu Sangam, Selangor Branch, is one of those injured. Among the 14 people arrested and remanded at least half of them were innocent devotees of the temple who were merely playing a role of protecting the deities. Attempting to destroy these deities is very sensitive and is considered as an insult to the Hindu community. What else can the innocent devotees do when given only two hours notice? Such an act of detention by the Police is condemned.

It is reliably learnt that the developer has allocated a land to the temple. However, we appeal to the developer to see that the land is suitable and appropriate in such a way that the structure of the temple will be facing the correct direction under the agamas.

In the mean time Malaysia Hindu Sangam appeals to the MIC leaders to have a dialogue with the leaders of the HINDRAF to find ways of solving the problems of temples in a peaceful manner. The Malaysia Hindu Sangam is willing to cooperate in this matter.

Thank You,

Datuk A.Vaithilingam
Malaysia Hindu Sangam

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