Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Malaysian dilemma: a book about livelihood of Malaysian Indians

The Malaysian Indian Dilemma

A research finding that must be read by all Malaysian Indians.

The ‘Malaysian Indian Dilemma’ is a book about the Malaysian Indian community, focusing on its economic, educational, social and political status, in the past and present. The book that is to be launched soon, is authored by Mr. Janakey Raman Manickam, a social activist and freelance writer. Tun Dr. Mahathir wrote the book ‘The Malay Dilemma’ in 1970. A prominent Malaysian born Australian businessman, Mr. Ye Lin Sheng, wrote ‘The Chinese Dilemma’ in 2003. Now Mr. Janakey Raman has taken upon himself to expose the dilemma faced by the Malaysian Indian community. He has written this book based on extensive research and his very own personal experiences working as an estate worker for 15 years.

‘The Malaysian Indian Dilemma’ is an insight into the socio-economic status of the Indian community. Even though the country attained independence 50 years ago, Malaysian Indians who constitute 7.6% of the total population are still lagging behind other communities in terms of socio-economic development. It highlights the fact that though Indians have contributed immensely towards economic development and nation building, they have been categorically neglected and even denied of their rights as Malaysian citizens. Estate workers continue to toil hard in order to make ends meet and poverty is not uncommon among the urban Indians. However, people in power have not given due attention to the plights of the Indians. The book has detailed accounts, supported with relevant data, of the causes of socio-economic problems faced by Malaysian Indians and its negative effects of on the community.
The author also discusses in detail the views of the Malaysian Indian community on the social, economic, educational and political issues. The book is divided into 8 chapters spanning 480 pages and contains pictures and valuable information about the pre-independence struggles of the Malaysian Indian, post independence status of the Malaysian Indian community, vis-à-vis the New Economic Policy, the New Development Policy, Vision 2020 and the future challenges faced by Malaysian Indians.

Having covered the past and present, the author concludes the book by leaving it to the readers to decide what is to be the future of Malaysian Indians. A must read book by every Malaysian Indian.!!! If you interested to buy, please contact the author Mr. Janakey Raman ( Hand phone no.: +06 013-3927727).
Gunasegaran Kulanthy Velu (Dec. 25, 2007)


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