Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Strange are legislative priorities and urgencies: use of ISA not urgent in Malaysia?

This is one way to look at it: strange are legislative priorities and urgencies: use of ISA not urgent?

Another is to note that the politico-s are afraid of facing upto the realities.

Yet another is to see the Malaysian state going the authoritarian way, depending upon a PM to dictate morality or enforcement of law. Is this islamist justice or governance in action?


Motion to debate detention of ethnic Indians rejected

Kuala Lumpur (PTI): A motion in Malaysia's Parliament to debate the detention of five ethnic Indians under the tough Internal Security Act was rejected here on Tuesday.

The motion was tabled by Opposition MP Karpal Singh of the DAP.

Speaker Ramli Ngah Talib rejected the motion, saying it was not of an urgent nature as the five, all belonging to the non-governmental Hindu Rights Action Front (Hindraf), were being detained under an existing law and the police were merely doing their job, Star online reported.

The Hindraf organised a massive rally attended by over 20,000 ethnic Indians on November 25 to protest against the alleged marginalisation of the community in the country. The rally was banned by the government.

Under ISA, a person can be detained for up to two years without trial.


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