Sunday, December 23, 2007

Malaysian Indians: Just give us due respect...

Monday, December 24, 2007

JD says:"We have finally awaken from our long slumber and are voicing for what should be accorded to all citizens of a country equally without the descrimination of race or religion.Why did it take so long for us to wake up? Did we need Hindraf to ignite the flame that has been smouldering for years? Hindraf as a ngo gave voice to the issues that most Malaysian Indians know exist but never had the courage to speak up or see it as a cause to fight for,we have all been mentally brainwashed not by the government but by our own parents or guardians that we should not voice these issues because we will be in trouble with the law and that we should do our work and be pretencious. Even during the rally one could see that majority of the middle class Malaysian Indians stayed away or kept their children away from attending it. Most of our parents and guardians are and have been living in fear of voicing their concerns of the injustice thats happens in this country. We all are aware of the conversations we have behind close doors for fear of repercussions.

We face discrimination everyday everywhere from civil servant jobs,promotions in the civil service,private sector jobs,housing,racial stereotyping and most importantly education. A community can only better its self through education. If this is discriminated what is our chance of coming up in the future.This is not something the Malaysian Indian community brought up without merits.

A fine example would be this scenario: A Malaysian Indian student needs 4 or 5 A in the STPM examination to be able to enrol for a Medical seat in a local university while a Malaysian Malay student will qualify for the same seat with 4B and 1C or even lesser results. This is the injustice that discourages our children's feelings ,not only do they have to compete in difficult circumstances but achiving the results might not guarantee them the field of their choice. A European man once told me that he has travelled widely but what he found in Malaysia is that we are a nation that promotes mediocrecy. Isnt this true? And this is just a small example of the discrimination we face.

We all hold a MY card as our birth right to this country called Malaysia. We contribute to the building of the nation just as much as any other race. We are loyal to this country and would defend it against any foreign intrusions. Many Malaysian Indians have given their lives proctecting this country.We are not asking for special privileges neither are we asking that we be given free handouts, all we are asking is accord us the same privilege and rights as a citizen of Malaysia where all citizens of this country are equal in status as this is truly our "tanah tumpah nya darah ku". Just give us that due respect!"

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