Sunday, December 16, 2007

Charges of attempted murder on 31 Malaysian Indians are an insult

Attempted murder charges an insult

United Malaysian | Dec 14, 07 3:43pm

The Hindraf debacle that threatened Umno's security has been treacherously manipulated into a national security threat. Unable to politically defend itself on this issue, as usual Umno has immorally resorted to using the police force to throw the most illogical charges at the Hindraf supporters whose only aim was to plead for equal rights as citizens of Malaysia.

Too weak to issue a police permit for the Gandhi-inspired non-violent march, the Umno-led government acted in the least civilised manner by injuring and later prosecuting innocent supporters of the peaceful Hindraf protest.

Any sensible human being will realise that the sinister and base nature of Umno politics, its inherent moral weaknesses, desperation and illegal abuse of government institutions is for its continued survival. The attempted murder charges are an insult to basic human intelligence. No wonder Malaysia remains an uncreative country. Such draconian acts by Umno's birdbrain leaders is a great blow to Malaysia.

The Hindu Indians are laughing at the idiotic punitive measures taken against them. This will further inflame hatred against the Umno-led government and not against the country as portrayed by Umno's stooge, the police chief. Such actions will only further aggravate the prevailing notion amongst the Indians that Umno Malays are intellectually weak and backwards, surviving only with political authority and not with genuine intelligence and good values.

Umno leaders can only hide behind their political power. In an open debate, they simply frizzle out. The Indians want a open debate with Umno and if they have brains to match Hindraf, it must agree to a public debate to lay bare the truth. Only then will the Indians be satisfied, otherwise Umno will be branded as a fool and a political parasite.

As the persecution of Indians escalates with these ridiculous charges, hatred for Umno grows exponentially. The responsive cry is to dump Umno at all cost and save our beloved Malaysia from the atrocities of a wayward political master.

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