Thursday, December 13, 2007

Don't weep, Dan-yel, it's time to express outrage and demand world-wide economic sanctions

Don’t weep, Dan-yel, it’s time to express outrage and demand economic sanctions by civil societies everywhere. You offend none, Dan-yel, your voice is the voice of humanity against inhumanity perpetrated by an islamist state.

Don’t weep, Dan-yel, while your anguish is fully understandable and warranted. Don’t weep, fight back to dare defend human rights.

Congratulations, Lim Kit Siang, for the principled stand you have taken in support of the human rights of Malaysian citizens.

All citizens of the world and Malaysian citizens, in particular, living abroad should prevail upon their governments to slap economic sanctions against the islamist state of Malaysia and ensure the immediate release of those detained under the draconian ISA.

If a state acts with brutality against its own citizens, it means that all civility has snapped and the state has lost its right to rule. It is time for Badawi regime to quit.

It’s certainly time for USA, Britain and all civil societies of the world to slap economic sanctions on islamist Malaysia to bring that renegade state back to civility in governance.


ISA detention of Hindraf five most deplorable (Lim Kit Siang)

The invocation of the Internal Security Act (ISA) to arrest five Hindraf leaders is most deplorable and marks another violation of the pledge by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to promote democracy, uphold human rights and defend the rule of law.

This is because the infamous detention-without-trial Internal Security Act is the very antithesis of the rule of law.

The five detained under the ISA are P. Uthayakumar, M Manoharan, R Kenghadharan, V Ganabatirau and T Vasanthakumar.

If the government has clear and convincing evidence that the five had committed grave offences, they should be charged in court allowing them an open trial and an opportunity to defend themselves instead of being incarcerated under a regime where proof is not necessary at all.

The return of the ISA is another regression of Malaysia to the dark era of human rights violations which can only tarnish the country’s international reputation and image.
Thursday, December 13, 2007

Today I weep for Malaysia; ISA detention of 5 Hindraf leaders & Damai memorandum

Five Hindraf leaders were arrested today under ISA! According to Malaysiakini report here and the Star report here.

After several arrests and releases, the PM has finally made up his mind, he has signed the detention order under Section 8(1) of the Internal Security Act, which allows them to be detained for 2 years! They are immediately sent to imprisonment, without prior access to open-court trial, legal representation nor any need for warrant of arrest.

The 2-year detention period is renewable indefinitely by the Home Affairs Ministry without any need to produce evidence before the court, for which another detention order would suffice.

According to Malaysiakini, the police had information that Hindraf is planning to organise a similar rally to Nov 25.

Guys, where are we heading? Are we going to let this go on like this?

Do they deserve such cruelty? Imagine you were them, you and your community are in utter distress, you may resort to protest along racial lines, blurting out somewhat racist sentiments along the way, besides it's precisely because you have nothing to lose when all the media is against you and your only MPs that represents you are too busy with their own internal affairs, power struggle, sipping toll money and taking orders from those boraks from the 4th floor, do you have a choice? Would you deserve to be thrown into oblivion in that dark cement confines with iron cell bars, through which your only relief of light comes to you? Wouldn't you want to be heard first, to have a fair trial?

How about your wives? Or imagine you were their child, when daddy couldn't be there for you to tuck you into bed and when you ask your mommy, she cannot even muster the courage to tell you that your daddy is locked up in that inhuman chamber, tortured and there's no knowing when that will stop or when you can hear and see from him again.

Stop bullshitting me that they bring themselves into that trouble, and with that high-minded thinking that "Hey, they got themselves in that, who asked them to be so stupid to mess with the government?" They were merely crying out for attention, for only the government to listen!

Why is this government which claims to have "Big Ears" seem to be more interested in labeling and demonizing them than to hear out their cries?! How can they be so filthy ridiculous to publicly linked them to terrorists group when all they have are police reports, allegations by individual, that are yet to be proven or at least substantiated with at least some evidence whatsoever. They have none of this, but they were more than glad to use that against those who undermine their political grip!

And look at us? How many of you had actually known this? How many of you actually talked about this? Tell me! Fine, you're more interested in fashion, peoples' gossip, latest upcoming concerts and politics are not your thing! What the...?! You couldn't be bothered, could you? Couldn't even talk about it to raise some awareness, much less dare to make a difference! Imagine if your brother was being brutally murdered before your very eyes, are you going to cower in fear and not fight back?

To add salt to injury, the Damai Malaysia, an umbrella body of 395 NGOs, today had submitted a memorandum to the PM condemning the Bersih and Hindraf rally, alleging that the street protests has caused tension in racial ties. They blamed Bersih and Hindraf for scaring the tourists away, they blamed them, or rather us, for disruption of peace and harmony. They blamed us for it all! The Star has the report.

Such was their relentless effort to demonize the recent rise of civil society! Hey, who the hell is Damai Malaysia anyway? I tried to Google it, and couldn't find its official website save for reports from the Star, NST and Harakah Daily.

How dare they take such moral high-ground when they lack common-sense. Law is law for them, untouchable. What a introvert-fucking-asshole-good-for-nothing-SANCTIMONIOUS lot! If that is the case, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad were all wrong for having opposed and defied the authorities of their day. What is civil disobedience then if it's not a disobedience of law? Should the Rakyat surrendered themselves totally to authoritarian rule that deny them of their voices, in a manner no different from that of slaves? What is there for us, when all the media and all the proper channels are just more interested to publish or listen to views of the rich and the powerful and the election system is just simply too long to wait, not to mention rigged and his chairman admitted that the EC need not be independent?

But hey, wait a minute, how could it be so easy for them to pass their memorandum, when such innocuous demand were met with police heavy-handed arrests two days ago? Apparently, from this blog that I visited, Damai seems very likely to be pro-Umno. Wouldn't that be so obvious that he has two sets of rules?

Demonstration not our culture? What the f***?! Our country was built by street protests and civil disobedience you Umno freak, you need not go further than your favourite party's history archives! Can these people even think for a minute and stop smelling Umno asses?

What's most ridiculous is that this Damai group, which claim to represent civil society did not even condemn nor at least express concern about the police high-handed arrests and bullying tactics towards civil groups including the Malaysian Bar! Especially the denial of these 31 alleged Hindraf protesters, one an unfortunate teenager with a hole in his heart and another an old man suffering from chronic kidney disease, who could not be given a bail even when his lawyer produced his dialysis card, say they need medical card whor... In case you didn't know, you ignorant-pompous bunch of shit-smelling jackass aka Damai those with kidney disease cannot stand a day or two without dialysis treatment! It's life-threatening for God's sake! How I know? My mom's a kidney disease patient herself! Many times if she omit her dialysis treatment even once, she would have water welling in her lungs, causing difficulty in breathing and irregular heartbeats! Fuck you, you bloody arseholes! Damn you for your ignorance, for letting that happened to them! Fuck you, you sons of a Damai-beach-bitchy-Umno-private-stripper-in-your-dick!!

Guys, and kind readers, I don't need to tell you what is wrong with this country, you know it yourself. So tell me, are you going to do something about it?

I weep today for my country, will you join me? I just need to know if there's someone out there who cares...

Forgive me if I have offended anyone. I just can't stand seeing all this happen.. Even more when the rest of us were just...(speechless)

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