Monday, December 10, 2007

Police brutalities and violation of human rights in Malaysia

[India-Force] Serious violations of human rights in Malaysia
The Chairman
Human Rights Commission
Dear sir
Subject: Serious violations of Human rights of Indian origin Citizens in Malaysia
The Forum which is a prominent non political religion neutral civil rights action group based in India with international membership, has been watching the events taking place in your country since last 2 years.
We have also analysed the reports in non Indian and independent media.
We come to the conclusion that apparently there is serious violations and bias against citizens of Malaysia having Indian origin and with particular religion-Hinduism.
Is it only a matter of chance that only temples came in way of development of Malaysian towns? If that is so, it is one hell of chance and coincidence and not at all believable.
Secondly, there is huge and continuing discrimination and ill treatment based on religion.
This is very serious matter. Malaysian Politicians and clergymen are treading into dangerous area of ethnic and communal repression and revolt.
Are we trying to develop another point of perennial conflict on world map not learning from events in other countries like Iraq, Srilanka and several others.
We have in high esteem Malaysia as a fast developing and open country with modern outfit and outlook.
This ethnic discrimination must end immediately and all ethnic groups should be given equal and level playing field in society and governance. Since Hindus are very small minority they should be given representation in Malaysia government structure and political seats in Parliament to inspire confidence.
The reaction of large number of Hindu citizens as emerging in India is now disturbing.
The patience of people should not be taken as neglect of problem going on in Malaysia of continuous neglect and harassment on ethnic grounds.
WE should not forget that India has more population of Muslims and we have perfect harmony between Hindus, Muslims, sikhs and Christians and we don't only talk ,but walk the talk.
If strife in Malaysia continues for more time and Hindu origin people's confidence is not restored, we shall be forced to come to an adverse conclusions about Malaysia and its governance.
The Muslims in India may also loose respect for them by Hindu majority.
There is too much at stake and hence we request you to kindly strongly take up the matter with PM of Malaysia and Government to restore all temples razed down preferably at same place at government expenses and also declare concrete policies and actions that inspire confidence in world community that all ethnic groups in Malaysia are treated equally and Hindus feel secure, safe and equal in national participation and development on merits. The charges of bureaucrats in Malaysia that Hindu origin people are Lazy and Incompetent is ludicrous and out rightly rejected.
They(migrants) are the people who were taken to Malaysia for hard work by British colonisers and have done well to help building modern Malaysia.

I hope you will take it very strongly and seriously and we shall have every cause to feel satisfied in coming few months. Please put stop to a potential conflict zone emerging and its backlash in increasing suspicion about Muslim community behaviour, globally.
It would be in interest of global peace and self interest of Malaysia as a country that we always wish the best for. Malaysia is known for tourism and it may take severe beating in coming times.
We hope your organisation shall act promptly and effectively in interest of humanity and human rights being your main objectiveas a Commission.
Thanking you

Prof R K Gupta
Hony. President
Forum for Enforcement of Civil Liberties-India
(india FORCE)
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