Friday, December 14, 2007

Seminar in London: Islam, a blessing to Malaysians?

December, 14, 2007
Islam: A Blessing to Malaysians?
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Come to a seminar on “Islam: A Blessing to Malaysians?”

Ibn Khaldun Seminar 2

Jointly Organised by: The Centre for Public Policy Studies & Malaysia Think Tank London

Islam: A Blessing to Malaysians?

Time: 8pm – 10pm

Date: Tuesday, 18th December 2007

Venue: Menara Integriti, Institut Integriti Malaysia (Off Jln Duta)

Entrance is Free of Charge

As a way of life, Islam provides guidance on how one should live one’s life. Muslims believe that the guidance is complete, covers all aspects of life, and is a blessing to all. But why is it that when the word ‘Islam’ is mentioned nowadays, peace and blessing are not necessarily the first thing that come to mind? In this panel discussion, the main speaker will present his thoughts on how Islam could be translated into liberal policies that will give choice and freedom to fellow Malaysians. The main presenter will bring to the table his experience as an ethnic minority Malay Muslim living in Britain, and his experience in British politics. Other panelists will provide critical comments on his presentation.

This event is designed to be an open discussion and a learning platform for everyone, including the panelists, who welcome contributions from the audience.
Main Presenter: Wan Saiful Wan Jan, Director General of Malaysia Think Tank London

• Ustaz Hasrizal Abdul Jamil, Malaysia Think Tank London
• Ven. Choy Chee Kuan, Vice-President, Malaysian Buddhist Association
• Rev. Dr. Hermen Shastri, Secretary-General of Council of Churches Malaysia
• K. Shanmuga, Malaysia Hindu Sangam

About the Main Presenter

Wan Saiful Wan Jan is Director General of Malaysia Think Tank London. Previously, he was at the British Conservative Party Research Department and the Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit. Wan Saiful is a life-member of PAS. While completing his university studies in England, he was actively involved in HIZBI, a movement for Malaysians in the United Kingdom closely associated with PAS. He was among the longest-serving President of HIZBI, and after he stepped down, was appointed as Mursyid. He moved from KL to England in 1993 and has been living there since. In May 2007, he contested in the English local elections as a Conservative Party Candidate. He is actively involved in the Conservative Muslim Forum (CMF) and has co-authored a submission to the shadow cabinet on (British) National and International Security.
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DIASPORA said...

It is surprising that no one has seen this web site or fears to make comments lest he touches upon sensitivity. Every Religion is a blessing to Mankind. Every follower of course will state that His religion is the most supreme and here comes the vexatious situation.

Rational people thinking rationally and acting rationally should be a boon in bringing about the elimination of mistrust and the "I am Better than You" thinking.

This is a very deep and I daresay a hardous task that the panel is taking upon itself. The members of the panel must be really enthusiastic in getting things moving and let us hope that the members of the panel would be able to resolve or mitigate most of the woes that have befallen in these sad times.